Vintage Inspired Homeware: Bedroom

I think this is my fourth post on Vintage Homeware ideas or purchases.  As previously mentioned, I am still living at my parents so if I am totally honest wth myself I don’t actually need any of this stuff right now but I justify it by telling myself I am preparing for when I do move out.  My perfect kitsch little vintage home will be all ready for me to move into when I finally get the chance!  Now my last post was all about the kitchen, this time it’s all abut the bedroom.  It’s only a few pieces, but they are all things I love so I hope you enjoy me sharing them with you.

First up and some gorgeous bedding from Asda.  In case you aren’t aware, Asda Living have some gorgeous pin-up and retro homeware offerings and this is their second and third set of pin-up bedding.  Unfortunately the Hawaii set is now sold out and the nautical set is only available in King size but it looks as if they have just released a fourth set, they release about one a season with a slightly different design so it’s worth keeping your eye out.   I have even seen people make clothing from these sheets, and at £12 for a double it’s amazing value.  As well as bedding they have other designs such as cool cushions, storage, and some pin-up inspired bathroom accessories and pastel kitchen ware so it’s definitely worth taking a look.  I think this tiki set is my favourite but I wish I could have gotten hold of the ‘hello sailor’ cushion from the nautical range before it went out of stock.

Good old Primark have jumped in on the flamingo trend and I have to say I can’t be happier, I don’t often follow trend but this fit’s in perfectly with my love of the 50s!  I already have a mint green glasses case from Primark with these same flamingos on so when I saw these novelty fairy lights for just £6 I had to have them!  They are quirky and cute, perfect for me.  I have put them in with my bedroom range but let’s face it, they can go practically anywhere, or at least they can if you are me.

Lastly, and also from Primark, this cute little bunny night light.  These baby’s were big in the blogging world over a year ago and I know I am late to the party but just look at his little face!  Also, he’s squishy!  I don’t need to justify myself, but if I was going to I would state that he was only £1 on sale, so he is now part of my home, even if my boyfriend does hate it!

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Where do you shop for homeware?


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