Chanel Makeover with Debenhams Beauty Club

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the fabulous guys over at Debenhams to see if I wanted to go in to their Meadowhall store to get a makeover and pick up a Beauty Club Card to boot.  Strangely enough I had been into Debenhams the week before to pick up my favourite Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and meant to pick up a Beauty Club Card while I was there, but as usual I totally forgot!  Talk about good timing!  The Beauty Club Card works much like the famous Boots card, but there are occasionally other rewards too such as samples and in-store makeovers.  
I was given the option of having my makeup done by Dior or Chanel, and to be honest I didn’t know enough about the products of either to make a solid decision, so I took to the internet and Chanel came out the definite winner.  Now, before this I only really knew Chanel for their perfumes (outside of their fashion line of course) so I had a lot to learn.

The women on the stand were all really lovely and helped me to choose a look to go for.  I was pretty open and went for something autumnal ready for the upcoming months.  The staff were really great and could answer all of my questions and were super knowledgeable.  I absolutely loved the completed look!

I won’t go through all of the products, but here are my faves:
Eclat Luriere Conclealer– I am very fussy when it comes to my under eye concealer and this definitely cut the mustard; huge coverage and much more moisturising then my current go to Mac.
Bronze Universal– This was my absolute favourite product from the day I think, it was used as a contour and looked so striking yet completely natural and it required so little.
Ardent Eyeliner- This is the gold eyeliner you can see under my eye in the bottom left picture – subtle yet striking.
Rouge Noir Lipstick- Really moisturising and the perfect colour for autumn. 
And here is the before and after of my finished look, what do you think? My wish list just got a lot longer!


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