#LetsGlow Blogger Bingo

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Ladbrokes to a blogger bingo night with a key difference, it was glow in the dark!  Now I’d only played Bingo once before, so I had some idea what to expect but the glow in the dark aspect did leave me wondering.  I was concerned it might look a bit lacklustre but I have to say the team went all out!  When I walked into the room we were all stunned, it was pitch black and full of UV lights.  It took some time for my eyes to adjust but the effect was wonderful!

I grabbed a drink and had a chat with the other bloggers, who were lucky enough to get some amazing UV reactive face paint designs.  I have never seen UV face paint done so well.  The make up artist did a really good job, everyone had something unique, I opted out as I thought I would receive some very interesting comments on the train journey home but there was also some UV manicures on offer!  I was defiantly up for that but unfortunately I ran out of time due to all the chatting I was doing (it seems to be a running theme at these events!)

Drinks in hand we were soon ready to play, there was a lot of giggles as always and some amazing prizes.  Smaller wins for getting a line, and three huge prizes if you were lucky enough to score a full house!  Unfortunately I missed out on the big prizes but I did manage to get a line and won myself a box from Soap and Glory.
The games took up most of the evening but there was a stop for pizza and cake mid-way though.  This wasn’t your ordinary take away food however, the guys at The Belgrave Music Hall had really brought their A-game food-wise, and there was tons of it!  By the end I was completely stuffed.  
Altogether it was a really fun day, some of the girls and I  have even suggested having a bloggers bingo night out to carry on the party?
Have you ever played Bingo?


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