Fashion: Autumn Term at Hogwarts

This one of those amazingly rare occurrences when an outfit just sort of fell together and I loved it.  I don’t normally have a good eye for matching things together, nor do I really have any form of seasonal wardrobe (some blogger I am).  However, I braved the Primark on Oxford Street last Saturday and actually came away with the basics for a look I really like.  In honour of it I’ve made some changes to my usual text overlays, what do you think?  Picking up the Hogwarts vibes?

Let’s start with the basics.  The shoes you will have seen on here a lot because they are my go to shoe, there just from the kids section at New Look but they are really comfy and their lighter colour means they go with everything.  The skirt is one I’ve had a few years and I’m not totally sure where it came from.  It was cheap, I remember that, and it’s become my standard clubbing skirt so it’s seen better days if I’m honest, but it’s comfortable and seems to go well with this outfit.
When I was in Primark I spotted this yellow shirt I was struck by how perfect it was for Autumn, then I remembered that I don’t have any typical Autumn coloured clothes and that seemed criminal.  I do love these Japanese style shirts with the neck tie/bow.  I almost didn’t try it on because of it’s modern style of being baggy and intended to be tucked into a skirt or trousers.  Even when I tried it on I wasn’t sure about it but I’m really glad I walked away with it because I love it, modern shape or not.  This was only £10 and they had it in a few different colours if yellow isn’t your thing.
The Jumper was also from Primark, it’s exactly the same as the official one but £14 instead of £69 so it’s a no-brainer really.  I was really surprised and impressed by the quality, it’s crazy warm too. and I love the look of having the collar from the shirt over the top.  I’m a sucker for a cute collar.  The necklace is a cheap knock off version of the official one that I got off my official one broke.  That was £50 down of the drain, this £3 has lasted me much longer.
Lastly the hat.  I am currently in love with this hat!  I have wanted a 30’s style hat like this for years but never found one to fit my tiny head.  I came across this one on a stall at the Camden market last weekend and it’s so perfect, colour and all!  I think it cost around £25 and I’ll be wearing it all Autumn!  I’ve finished the look off with Mac Rebel lipstick which is my favourite for Autumn.
Which Hogwarts house are you in?

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