Flaunt Your Haunt: York

If there’s something you may have gathered about me by now it’s that I have some really Yorkshire pride!  Being from Yorkshire has always felt like more than just a fact, it’s an identity, and there are some really good reasons for it.  My dad has always said Yorkshire is God’s county and although I am not religious I can see where he’s coming from.  Yorkshire has stunning countryside as well as some amazing city’s that are often overlooked.  So when Travelodge contacted me to see if I wanted to #FlauntMyHaunt I decided to choose somewhere that was reflective of all the history, stunning sensory and city life Yorkshire has to offer, so it had to be York.  
York has a special place in my heart, it’s where I spent a long weekend for my first anniversary with Harry.  There was so much to do there was no way we could fit it all in, but we still managed to see and do quite a lot!  Here are some of my favourites:
York is one of the best places to go in the country if history is your bag.  First up there are the city walls to walk around which are beautiful and date back to the Roman times.  If you get there on a good day you can see all across the city and it’s really stunning.  Tickets for York Castle Museum and the Yorkshire Museum can be bought together for a combined price and the tickets last for a whole year!  My favourite of the two is the York Castle Museum because it’s got a recreated Victorian street in there that I like to stroll down and pretend I’m in the past.  I tend to go back to this museum every couple of years to see what they’ve added.  The National Railway Museum is free and pretty incredible, I love the Royal engines and it’s also where I found out my boyfriend is a closet train nerd!  Lastly, and one that’s very special for me, the Yorvick Viking Centre.  It’s a place we used to go with school all the time and I have such great memories of it and I still loved it when I went back all those years later.  Everyone remember that toilet scene.
York has everything you’d expect in a city for a night out, however there are two bars imparticular that offer something completely unique.  First The House of Trembling Madness looks like a normal shop from the street, however if you pop upstairs it’s a different story.  In the rafters is an amazingly quaint and quirky little pub but that serves real ales and amazing food.  It’s hard to get in here because of the size but if you managed to score a seat you won’t be moving for a while.  The Evil Eye Lounge on the other hand is famous for its incredible array of cocktails which could mean I’m there all day!  Once more the decor of this place is very unique and I’m not even sure how to describe it but it’s an eclectic place that always has a great atmosphere. 
You are never going to be board in York, there’s the famous York Theatre Royal if you fancy catching a show (there’s some great original shows there) or the famous ghost walks if you want something a bit scary!  Of course you can’t forget the York Dungeons but I’ve personally not built up the nerves for that just yet!  York Race Course hosts some amazing Vintage Fairs every year.  In fact York is fantastic for vintage lovers, I got my first ever vintage dress from a little boutique on The Shambelles and between all the independent shops and tea rooms every vintage lover is in for a treat!
Have you ever been to York?
*post written by me in exchange for Vouchers from Travelodge, all words and opinions are my own.

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