Guest Post: My Take on a Vintage style

Hello, I’m Amy Rose and I’m so excited to guest post on Kariss’s blog! This is the first time I’ve done this so thank you Kariss for letting me and I hope you all enjoy! 
I’m a lover of vintage clothing and I know Kariss is too so I decided to find and show you my intake of a vintage look. This is all from H&M and under $100.
Featured image
I love the length, colour and pattern of the ‘Flared Dress’. This is just $29.99 which I think is a wonderful price and you can absolutely dress it up or down!
h&m 2
These ‘Ballet Flats’ would look super duper cute with this dress! Plus they are only $12.99 and you could wear them with anything!
h&m 3
I love pearls! Throw a pair of these on and it just gives your outfit a little pop of elegance. These ‘4 Pairs Earrings’ are just $3.99 and I really love how you get the various sizes.
h&m 4
Top it with this ‘Shoulder Bag’ and your outfit is complete. I’m all for shoulder bags and I just adore the detail of the leather, suede and the metal buckle of this. It’s $49.99 but boy would this baby go with EVERYTHING!
If you like this outfit here are all the links to purchase them;
Flared Dress –
Ballet Flats –
4 Pair Earrings –
Shoulder Bag –
I think this outfit would be a perfect casual outfit for work, a lazy weekend or simply to be CCC – cute, cool and casual in spring/summer but all pieces could defiantly be worn all year round!
I hope you loved my intake on a vintage outfit! I’d like to thank the beautiful Kariss again for allowing me to quest blog! It’s been an honour and so much fun so thank you so very much! You can find me at, until next time xo

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