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Hey there! I’m Dana from the pop culture and entertainment blog The Whisper Box. I’m from New York, so I decided to share a bit of the city with you guys here on Shy Strange Manic!

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Similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, which celebrates the biggest names in the entertainment industry, New York City celebrates the biggest names in American fashion on the Fashion Walk of Fame in the Garment District.
The Fashion Walk of Fame was a project created by The Garment District Alliance, formerly known as The Fashion Center in 1999. The walk features 28 round silver plaques with a short blurb about each designer, along with their autograph, the year they were inducted, and a sketch of one of their designs.
If you’re ever touring New York City, the Fashion Walk of Fame is a great way to learn about the history of some of the most important figures in the fashion industry. The walk spans from 35th to 41st Street on the east side of 7th Avenue, also known as Fashion Avenue.
I do recommend you visit the walk before or after rush hour if you want to stop to read the plaque and take a picture. Ideal times are from noon to 3pm or anytime after 6:30 in the evening.
Here are some of the plaques you’ll find on the Fashion Walk of Fame:
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Giorgio di Sant’Angelo: Italian fashion designer Giorgio di Sant’Angelo was born in 1933 and died in 1989. He was known for his use of knitwear, which has influenced many other designers.
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Bonnie Cashin: Designer Bonnie Cashin was born in 1907 in Oakland, California and died in 2000—one year before she was inducted to the Fashion Walk of Fame. She designed costumes for various Hollywood films.
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Anne Klein: Born Hannah Golofski, designer Anne Klein studied fashion at the Traphagen School. She formed Anne Klein and Co. with Gunther Oppenheim in 1968. And no, she is not related to Calvin Klein.
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James Galanos: Designer James Galanos was born in Philadelphia in 1924. He sold his sketches to manufacturers on 7th Avenue for $10 each after leaving his job at Hattie Carnegie’s boutique.
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Oscar de la Renta: Dominican-born designer Oscar de la Renta took over Jane Derby’s label when she died in 1965. From 1993 to 2002 he designed a collection for Balmain, making him the first Dominican to design for a French couture house.
charles james.jpg
Charles James: British-born designer Charles James was known for his ball gowns and inventing the figure eight skirt. He retired in 1958 and died 20 years after.
There are 22 more plaques where these came from!
By the end of the walk you’ll probably feel like doing some shopping. Check the Garment District NYC’s website for a list sample sales around the 7th Avenue/Fashion Avenue area, which often times have high-end merchandise at discounted prices.
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