Love Thy Bust: My five tips for loving your boobs with Simply Be

When Simply Be contacted me to see if I wanted to work on the Love Thy Bust campaign I was really excited, even more so when I found out they were working with two of my favourite ever bloggers: Georgina Horne and Leyah Shanks!  The Campaign is to help promote two things very close to my heart: body image and breast cancer.  Now I have mentioned here in the past that self-image is something I have struggled with and still do, but I am working to try and get better.  Breast cancer is a horrible disease, that unfortunately touches most people’s lives in some way.  A family friend that was very dear to me had breast cancer when I was small, something she later died from.  They elected not to tell me as I don’t think they believed I would understand, so it was only recently I came to realise how close it had come to my life.

Over the years, there have been plenty of trends towards women’s bodies and different ways to make us feel bad about them.  So much of these are centred around boobs.  I know I for one definitely had worries, especially as a teen, are your nipples too big?  Too small?  The wrong colour? How about your breasts?  Are they the right size? What about the shape? Can you see veins?  Are they purt enough? How much is it ok to show? Is one different to the other?
Yet the real reason we have breasts, to feed children, is the part that is often at the forefront of controversy.  Why do we give ourselves such a hard time over one part of our body?  It’s time to embrace our fun bags and give ourselves some self-love!  Here are a couple bits of advice I’ve picked up over the years that I am passing on – so that you can share the love too!
1. Keep them protected
Cast your mind back 20 or so years ago.  My mum is on holiday, and being the tanaholic she was in the 90’s, she decided to go topless.  Of course she burnt her boobs, badly!  She’s never done it since and it’s always served as a warning for me.  The important thing to remember here, is that your boobs are delicate creatures and the skin isn’t used to being exposed – so get some suntan cream on!

2. Get to know your mammaries
No, I don’t mean a formal introduction.  It is of course so important check your boobs for any changes.  It could be a visible change or something you only notice when you feel around, and of course, you only know first-place what they should feel in the when you get to know them a bit better.  Next time you’re in the shower take the time to get to know yourself.

3. Size isn’t everything, but you need to know yours

If you are like me and come home dying to take your bra off, you are probably wearing the wrong size.  When I got measured recently I was shocked to discover I was wearing a bra two sizes too small! No wonder I am uncomfortable – time to go shopping!

4. Style isn’t just for your outer clothes

There are so many different bra types it can be overwhelming.  However, each one can change your silhouette and you might even need a different size.  Experiment and see what works.  Georgina and Leyah have created a great bra guide video here if you need some more advice.

5. Learn how to put your bra on

“But Kariss” I hear you cry “I’ve been putting my bra on for years I know what I’m doing”.  If you’re like me you might still be doing the old fasten at the front and spin around technique.  Did you know that there is a proper way to put on a bra?  For a start you are actually supposed to lean forward as you put it on, who knew!  Find full instructions here.

It’s time to love our boobs and make sure they are healthy and happy.  Let us start a revolution!  Boob love starts here!

Simply Be kindly offered me underwear in exchange for bring awareness to this campaign.  All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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