The Halloween Inspired Pin Up Look

Ever since I became a metalhead at 14 I’ve loved Halloween.  Back then it was because I could deck my room out with cheap Poundland accessories with skulls and anything black (not just for the season you understand, this was year round bedroom decor) but now I just love the atmosphere.  I know people complain about it becoming Americanised, but I love that it’s becoming a big deal here, I love the colder nights, the darkness, the cool outfits.  Now as I’ve mentioned on the blog before I have a goth side of me so this is the perfect time of year to bring my two fashion influences together, and I’ve fond a dress that lets me do just that.

Dress: Vampiress by Hell Bunny
Cat Necklace, Similar here
Fascinator, old Etsy

First up a little note about these pictures.  I live in a bungalow that apparently doesn’t have one inch of spare wall with enough space to take pics in front of, hence why these are portrait and have my Mother’s interesting choice of patterned curtains in the background.  I’ve picked up some new lights for winter shooting so I’ve played around with those and some different poses, I feel like the theme allows for it!

You might recognise this dress although in a slightly different form my Disney Fashion Competition post almost exactly a year ago.  I finally decided to jump in and get it last week and it’s my first piece of Hell Bunny I’ve bought in ages, if you know me at all you’ll know this is a big deal.  I was Hell Bunny obsessed but with other players like Lindy Bop coming on to the market I am starting to leave them behind, but I just love the design of this dress.  It’s good quality material too which is good as I’ve had some bad experiences with Hell Bunny’s new thin material in recent years.  As it is a bit colder I decided to go with the longer version instead of the mini dress one I featured last time but truthfully I would happily have both!  I love the colour contrast between the black and green ( I am very into green in the autumn).  I love the fit, I love the puff sleeves, I love the neckline and the collar, and it has pockets!  This dress is a serious player in my favourite dress stakes.
I decided to do something I’ve not done for years and pair this dress with a petticoat, with this dress it just feels right.  The petticoat is the cheap one I got for my Alice in Wonderland cosplay and the thing is, it’s actually pretty perfect shape-wise.  The reason I stopped wearing my old Hell Bunny petticoat was because it just made me look bigger where as this adds volume in the right places.  So much so I am actually selling my Hell Bunny one and just using this for now on.
I’m not wearing any shoes in this simply because I didn’t have anything that screamed out at me (hey at least I’m honest) but I have paired the dress with this cute cat necklace I was gifted at London Edge last year (which is actually backwards in all my full-length pics, good going Kariss!) and this little fascinator I picked up on Etsy years ago in a post-Halloween sale (seriously the best time for goths!).
Makeup wise I decided to try something new and go for a strong contour with no blusher.  It’s what all the young people are doing I hear and it’s not normally a look I would go for but the spooky effect works well here I think.  Both these eyeliners (black and green) are Kohl Soap and Glory and are amazing. Seriously the texture is fabulous and they just glide on.  The lipstick is one of the £1 Atomic collection ones from Makeup Revolution.  Not the best quality and needs layering but for £1 you can’t really complain.  In an ideal world I would have done an ombre lip but I’ve tried that before and I cannot get it right, not even close.
Overall I love this look, I feel really vampy which gives my confidence a boost.  It doesn’t look too much like you are going to a fancy dress ball (I wore it to work today without makeup/ accessories no problem) but yet if you paired it with a hat you could totally do a witchy look!
What are you wearing for Haloween?

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