Face Your Fears at Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary

During the October half term I was invited to Face My Fears at the Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary.  As it was just after Halloween the guys at the Sealife Sanctuary had a #SpookySea’s theme, encouraging kids and adults to face their fears in two unique ways – so I grabbed a couple of friends and we headed to the seaside.

The first was by coming face to face with some freaky creatures, including John the Python and Daisy the Aligator (I love the names).  Unfortunately there was some confusion on the day we were there.  None of the staff knew about the two set ‘show’ times, even when I told them what time they were on.  Luckily you could just come and go anyway so we got a more one-on-one experience, which allowed us to touch some of the animals (snakes are surprisingly soft) and ask plenty of questions.  There was a tarantula but luckily it didn’t come out to play, that’s one fear I wasn’t ready to face!

The second part of the experience was something absolutely crazy: Ghoulish Golf.  In the day time this is your average pirate themed mini-golf course (as you do), but at night it transforms.  In almost complete darkness you soon realise what makes this mini golf so ‘Ghoulish’.  Lit only by a torch and some strategic uplighting, we set off on our journey.  This is mini golf like you’ve never seen it before, complete with storyline, questions to answer, a secret password, a treasure cave and live actors.  Live actors who will jump out from the strangest of places and give you the fright of your life!  The actors were so good, really scary and kept in character the whole time, yet nice enough to help us out when we got stuck on a couple of questions (we were too on-edge to concentrate).  In the end we managed to get the password correct and had one last fight in the treasure cave before coming away with our booty!

Of course that’s not all there was to do – in between we had plenty of time to check out the rest of the Sealife Sanctuary.  I hadn’t been since I was a child and I am happy to report it was so much better than I remembered.  My absolute favourite were the otters.  They were so cute and I could watch them juggle stones all day (you had to be there, seriously it was the funniest thing!).  I also loved the penguins because who doesn’t love a penguin, and seals and even the sharks!

It was such a good day out and there was honestly so much to do.  I will definitely be coming back again.

Have you ever been to the Sea Life Sanctuary?


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