Boxed Brownies: Review

There are few things I love more than food!  I am a sugar addict, easily susceptible to feeling ‘hangry’ and I will NOT be interrupted when I am eating!  Just ask my poor boyfriend who had to discover these things first hand!  So when I got the opportunity to review something which, was not only a sugar-filled delight, but also helped to support a local business, there was no chance I was going to turn it down.  I couldn’t exactly let you guys get a disappointing brownie now can I?
Now we’ve all been around the block and had a few brownies in our time, so what makes these different?  Well they are made with fair trade chocolate and the eggs are from their own free range chickens, plus they are completely gluten-free – so that’s three reasons right off the bat to indulge!  They are made by a husband and wife team right on my doorstep in Sheffield and were delivered in the cutest little box!  They started off as a home recipe for co-owner Clive’s and became his signature bake – so good that it almost made him a British Bake Off contestant.

Not only can you get them posted to your door as I did, but they also travel around the country offering up their delights in a re-purposed horse-box of all things! These days their repertoire has grown and they offer a whole host of options. My box included: Salted Caramel and Cashew, Amaretto and Rosemary, Cranberry and Pistachio, Stollen, Cardamom and Gingerbread, and lastly Bonfire Toffee and Toasted marshmellow.

Now they aren’t the biggest brownies in the world but once you’ve taken a bite you soon realise that bigger isn’t necessarily better!  They are flavoursome and delicious but also incredibly sweet.  I have a notable sweet tooth, but I couldn’t eat more than one (and that’s saying something).  Texture-wise they are very dense and squidgy, almost as though they are half-baked, which might not be for everyone but it’s perfect for me.  There is nothing worse than a dry brownie!

A box will set you back £15, which is a little steep, however when you are supporting a local business it’s totally worth it.  Plus these aren’t the kind of flavours you are going to find in Tesco.  However, if money is a little tight at this time of the year you can use the code CHRISTMAS until the 20th of December to get 20% off.   Also, if you live in Sheffield, don’t forget to pop down to Union Street.

Which flavour would you go for?  I can’t decide which was my favourite!


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