Goals of 2015: Review

It’s the time of year for reflection, for looking back and planning for the future.  To be honest, it’s something I am not very good at.  I make new years resolutions (and don’t stick to them) as much as the next guy but I don’t put too much thought into them.  Last year I jumped on the blogging bandwagon and tried to set myself some goals, here’s how I did:
  • Listen to music more often: I don’t really think I listened to more new stuff that’s for sure.  I got my car though and that has allowed me to listen to music more regularly, even if I haven’t updated my iPod since 2010!
  • Pass my driving test: I did this in March finally and got my car in May!  Although I might have to give it up soon when I move to London.
  • Visit at least one European city:  I went to Barcelona in September with some work friends and it was amazing!  I definitely want to do more exploring.  
  • Invest £100 in the stock market:.  This did not get off the ground at all, I did ask about some books to look into it but I never got hold of them.  It’s still something I’d like to do one day.
  • Try and close the physical gap between myself and my boyfriend: Nope, part of this involved getting a new job, which I have managed to do, but we are now even further away.  Almost the other side of the country.  Hopefully this will be solved this year.
  • Start up an ASMR channel: I did, I haven’t been able to post regularly though and it’s going to be hard to do when I’m in London.  Hopefully, I can continue with it.

Then the blog goals:
  • Use Instagram and Goodreads less lazily.  With Instagram, yes, and I’ve seen an improvement towards the end of the year.  With Goodreads also, for the most part, yes, although I’ve gotten lazy towards the end of this year.
  • Take part in more twitter chats.  Massive fail on this part.  It’s a shame because I love taking part of them but I just haven’t found any time this year. This is something I’d love to do in 2016.
  • Hit a certain amount of views per month.  I did, easily every month, which is nice.
  • Hit 500 bloglovin followers. I hit this just 3 days ago!
  • Hit 2000 twitter followers, I’m currently about 50 away and I’m happy with that.
So there you go, overall not bad, although I’m not sure how many were conscious.  Next year is going to be one of big change for me, moving across the country and starting a new job, but mostly I am excited about the change.  2016 has to be a year of new things for me.

What was your biggest achievement this year?

P.S this pic is from when I went to Disneyland in October, I still haven’t written the blog post for this yet.  Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution, to finish blog posts I start!

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