I’m From Yorkshire! A Yorkshire shop, for Yorkshire people

“Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred,

Stong in’t arm and thick in’t head”
Or so the famous saying goes.  Yet despite this rather self-deprecating statement, it is often said loudly and with pride.  Why? Because Yorkshire folk love anything that binds us together.  Yorkshire pride is a real thing, and it’s unlike no other.  So how do we show it?  With sports shirts, Yorkshire specific ring tones and video parodies, bumper stickers, and talking loudly as possible in the most Yorkshire voice you can manage.  Accent also must get stronger the further south you go.  So what do you get for the Yorkshire lad or lass in your life?  Luckily the appropriately named I’m From Yorkshire online shop has answered that question for you.
A couple of weeks ago they surprised me by sending me over some Yorkshire themed gifts.  Their website has lots of stuff, from phone cases to posters to jigsaws and so much more!  All with different Yorkshire based sayings and slogans – and trust me, this being Yorkshire there is a lot of things.  What can I say? We have big personalities and we like to brag!

I was sent two t-shirts, one with the Yorkshire Lass* logo and my personal favourite “Tha c’n tek lass outta Yorkshire but tha’ can’t tek Yorkshire outta t’lass*, too reight! Unfortunately as they didn’t ask my size they are both a bit too big so I will probably just be wearing them to bed as I’m not a fan of the over-sized, big t-shirt trend.  As both my sisters live in London these would make great gifts to remind them of home.

My favourite of the gifts was the historic Yorkshire map*.  My dad loved searching for all his favourite places and our home town.  When I move out I am going to get this framed, so there’s always a reminder of my wonderful home county!

So if you are looking to show your Yorkshire Rose with pride this year, this is the place to go and while you are at it don’t forget to brush up on your Yorkshire sayings.  My dad is getting something from here for Christmas without a doubt.

*Pr Samples and sponsored links in this post

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