Lush Spa Leeds- Relaunch

It’s no secret that having a treatment at a Lush Spa is on my bucket list.  It might seem frivolous, but I have heard nothing but good things about it there, and it just seems like something above the average spa massage.  Lush Spa in Leeds has recently had a renovation so they invited me over to take a look.  
When I arrived I spent some time looking around the shop before taking the Spa tour.  The shop was closed to the public and there were plenty of the famously incredible Lush staff on hand to show me around the Christmas range.  As always there was a wide variety of new and exciting stuff, I got to play with some bath bombs and bubble bars and indulge in their scents.  As I am still working my way through my Oxford Street Haul I decided against buying any more for myself right now, but I did decide to treat myself to some First Snow body shimmer.  it’s just so soft and sparkly!  It’s going to be perfect for Christmas and crazy nights out.
After some drinks and listening to one of the Lush staff play some amazing tunes on the guitar, I got a chance to try my hand at making a bath bomb.  It happened to be a Butterball, which is one of my absolute favourites – it just leaves your skin feeling so soft. 
Then it was time for the really exciting part: the spa tour.  I had never taken a look in here before, so I can’t compare new with old, but what I can say is that this place looks amazing.  The first thing that hits you is the silence.  Here you are in the centre of Leeds and yet it is completely silent, thanks to some amazing sound proofing.  The initial room is dark and calming, with some very clever relaxing lighting.  Just being in there made me feel better.  
We were first taken into a treatment room where a live demonstration was being performed, on this occasion it was A Hard Days Night, a massage that involves movements being performed on you to the sound of some Beatles classics, and all whilst you wear PJS!  
Next we were in another room set up for the famous treatment, Synesthesia.  This is the treatment I  had heard the most about and by all accounts, it’s almost otherworldly.  It’s a mind cleanser that works across all your senses to make you feel truly relaxed. You could even choose how you want to feel afterwards and they adapt the treatment to you.
From here it was onto a room set up for The Sound Bath.  Being a nightly ASMR listener and occasional creator this really intrigued me.  This isn’t just your usual massage treatment, it involves different sounds created by, amongst other things, tuning forks and singing bowls to reset your mind and affect your chakras.  Someone in our group had experienced it and said it was almost life changing, that she felt totally reset afterwards – like she was floating on air.
Lastly, we went to one of the newest rooms, this is set up for group treatments – it even has a bath!  Just being here made me feel completely zen.  Afterwards, I was treated to a quick but truly lovely arm-massage, before I returned to the Lush shop floor, feeling a little dazed.
Needless to say, my desire for having a treatment here is greater then ever, the question is – which one!

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