The Library of Fragrance: Paperback Cologne

When I first heard of The Library of Fragrance about 18 months ago, it was because I’d been searching for a book-scented perfume for years.  Yes, I actually am that book obsessed, I just couldn’t find any in the UK.  Then I came across The Library of Fragrance.  Back then they had some scents on offer and this one was down as a future release.  In the last year their more unusual scents have really taken off, with a range that includes Snow and Playdough they soon made a mark.
So when Paperback was finally released a couple of months ago I finally knew it was my time!  I love books, I work with books, so why not walk around scented like one of my favourite things!
Here is how they describe this unique sent:
The Library of Fragrance ‘Paperback’ Cologne celebrates our love affair with literature, with a backdrop of milky-vanilla sweetness, joined by delicate woody facets and just a touch of must and dust.
 It smells just like your favourite second hand bookshop.
I personally find this scent really hard to describe, it’s top notes are sweet and vanillary, which quickly developed into a musty deeper scent.  It has an earthy-ness that lasts long after the sweet touches have faded away.  The wood scent sort of reminds me of church pews if that makes any sense.
For me this is a winner, but I appreciate that it isn’t for everyone.  If it’s not for you their range is so wide there is definitely something for everyone, and they have a rather enchanting Christmas range at the moment.  My only real gripe is with the name, I think the scent they have bottled should be called hardback, or old book scent, instead of paperback, which I’d associate with newer books.  It’s a daft thing but the bibliophiles amongst you will know what I’m getting at!  
Next on my list is Playdough, or maybe pipe tobacco.  What will you be picking up?

*Pr sample


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