Top Tips for Surviving the Christmas Party with George @ Asda

It’s that time of year when everyone’s minds turn towards the office Christmas party.  This can be a minefield!

Attendees of the party may include your colleagues who you get on with, but possibly don’t classify as ‘good friends’.  Whilst you try to avoid the person that you accidentally cc’d in the email about them that one time (awkward), there are also potential clients to butter-up.  Also remember to not make a fool of yourself in front of the boss (and if you’re unlucky, there might even be two of them!).

Top it all off with a supply of alcohol and you have a potential recipe for disaster.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Here are my very simple tips to keep yourself free from office gossip this festive season!

1) Alcohol
This is the obvious one but boy it is a biggie!  It is tempting at the end of the year to really let your hair down.  However when you walk into the office in the new year do you really want the photos of you singing karaoke with Boris from I.T’s tie over your head, followed by you puking into the plant pot doing the rounds?  Probably not.  At my work place we have two Christmas parties, both in the same week.  One is more business orientated and the second is more of a true ‘staff party’.  During the second one I can let loose a little more, but it’s important to watch that I don’t get too carried away!
2) Turn the work talk off
Work parties can be a little awkward when you don’t know people well, so the temptation is to go to your common ground, work.  However, this can run into the danger zone of ranting, especially when the wine is flowing.  Think of some fun conversation starters if you are nervous in crowds.
3) Take time out
Christmas parties of any kind can be intense, with all the inter-personal relationships, drinks and glitter everywhere.  If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, find a quiet space to chill for a bit.  A toilet isn’t glam, but it will provide some respite – or just go stand outside, you might feel much better for it.
4) Plan how you are getting home
Whether it’s public transport or a taxi home, make sure you have the money set aside and know your route.  Even small towns can be busy at this time of year and you don’t want to be left stranded due to a fully-booked taxi service.  Stay safe and remember to never be tempted to drink and drive!
5) What to wear
Again this is a bloody hard thing to choose, especially if like me you have two Christmas parties to attend, both with not much turn around from work.  My personal rule is to keep it fairly conservative but this depends on your own comfort levels and work place.  Luckily this is where George have helped me out this year.
The second party is Hollywood themed, so I have a dress for that ready to go.  Here are my two options for this year’s sales conference party
This dress isn’t my usual ‘outside-of-work’ style, but it ticks all the boxes for an office party.  It doesn’t show too much of anything, but still looks ‘dressed-up’ and classy.  The detailing at the top adds a touch of glam and means I don’t have to worry about accessorising in my limited time – plus you can never go wrong with black!  I’ve paired this with my collectif shawl to give it just a bit of added glam.  I’ve never tried this shape before and it did scare me a bit with it being so loose, but it is incredibly comfortable.  Now, as this is a relaxed affair I don’t really fancy wearing heels, and since I live in brogues at work anyway, I thought glitter brogues would be the perfect thing for a Christmas party!  Both sparkly and comfortable – what more do you need?
I am a big fan of greens and purples at this time of year, and not only that, I have been looking for a pinafore style dress for the last two years or so!  This does all that and it’s only £14!  I am seriously so happy with it.  I have paired this with a green top (Primark) and bowler hat (H&M old) for a more casual look that’s great for work.  The material of the dress is so soft too!  Can you believe I have reached the age of 27 without ever owning boots?  Well now I can finally say I own a pair! These are so comfortable and the touch of faux fur really smartens then up – these are going to get a lot of wear this year!
So what do you think, option one or two? And what are your tips for sailing through the Christmas party season?  I’d love to hear them!

Clothes sent for review, all opinions my own and completely honest


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