La Redoute Bloggers Party + Outfit Post

Jut before Christmas (I know, it seems so long ago already) I was very kindly invited to a very special event in Leeds to showcase La Redoute‘s latest clothing range.  The event itself was simply beautiful, from stunning decor and amazing drinks, to the incredible hot buffet, which put me in the perfect relaxed social mood as we met with the La Redoute staff to learn about their brand.

You might know Laura, she’s a fellow blogger and also part of the PR team for La Redoute.  She introduced us to the range, told us a bit about the company, and then we got to go explore.  I had so much fun with the other girls, exploring the rails and seeing what was on offer.  Trust me when I say there were some beautiful things there!  This is a step up in quality from what I would normally buy – you can tell just by the look and feel of the products that they’re very on-trend.  It felt like you could step out of the office and right into a cocktail bar and it wouldn’t feel out of place.

Of course, I’ve missed out the best bit.  While we were chatting it was revealed that we could choose a dress and take it home with us!  I was completely gob-smacked – how fabulous is that!?  Cue a bit of mania as a room full of bloggers plough through the rails trying to find something to take home and heading to the one tiny toilet to try them on.  Even the poor photographer, one of the only males at the event, couldn’t get into the bathroom because it was full of excited bloggers!

Soon it was my time, and after some encouragement from my fellow bloggers I finally settled on this gorgeous Jacquard dress.  I can’t lie, I was mainly swayed because it has pockets!  Unfortunately for me there was only one of these at the event and it wasn’t my size, but they kindly agreed to send one out to me.

Now there was a bit of confusion here (which is why this post is a little late), first I was sent a leotard (I do not have the body for one of those!) by mistake.  They swapped it for me, and although I originally wanted it in black, I was sent red.  Which is completely my fault for sending the wrong link.  I was a bit put out at first, but then I realised: I used to love red!  It was my favourite colour and then when I put on weight I lost confidence and thought it would draw too much attention to me.  So I’ve decided to take this as a sign, 2016 it will be ok for me to stand out!

The dress itself is a modern twist on the style of dress I always go for.  Rather than just being tight fitted at the waist, this is fitted for the whole top half, before flowing outwards.  The material is wonderfully crafted, and the v-neck isn’t too low, even on me which is unusual because I have very low shoulders (probably not the best way of putting it…)  which makes this a great option for work.  Then of course, there’s the pockets!  There is some stretch to this, but not much so be careful when you take your measurements.  The zip is very small so it is hidden when worn but this also means it can be a little difficult to do up by yourself (nothing to do with Christmas binging, honest…) but other then that I can’t really fault it.

Would you wear red?

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