Bloggers Below Zero Event at IceBar London

When I was asked by Lauren if I wanted to attend an LDN Bloggers networking event – Bloggers Below Zero, at Ice Bar London – I couldn’t say yes fast enough!  I’ve wanted to check this place out since I first stumbled across it over a year ago, so to be invited in my first week on London almost felt like fate!  After work one fateful Monday it was time for me to step into the snow (well ice!).

I was a bit nervous knowing literally no one in the London blogging scene, but luckily everyone was really friendly.  We were welcomed with delicious citrus cocktails (which helped on the nerve factor) and lovely nibbles, and were given plenty of time in the gorgeous welcome bar area to socialise – we were even given ice breaker challenges.  Mine was to find someone who was qualified in aqua masseuse, I never did find them which is a shame because I have so many questions!
After we were suitably lubricated and food filled, we headed over to another room for a talk with marketing Manger Tom.  Tom is one of those instantly charming people, who can speak to a room full of people with ease.  Quite frankly I’m jealous, as it is a skill I don’t possess.  He gave us a talk about the company, his background, and how he came to work with bloggers.  I thought it was fascinating that all the Ice was imported from Sweden, right next to the famous Ice Hotel and they have a new theme every year to keep it fresh.  Then it was time for the main event…

When it was my time to go in, I headed up to the bar and donned my rather fetching blue cape and mittens (it is -5 in there after all), and headed through the doors.  I was instantly taken aback by the beauty of it.  The bar was smaller than I imagined, which made the experience seem all the more intimate.  The room was wall to wall clear ice, with huge and impressive sculptures that project it’s current theme, Rock and Roll (perfect for me!).  Among the many wonders was a throne, a skull big enough to climb in, a full drum kit and a design on the wall full of legendary rock bands – all made entirely of ice.  We had so much fun running around taking pictures, and we hadn’t even gotten around to trying the drinks yet!
The cocktail options were vast, so I didn’t know what to choose.  The barman recommended Monkey Wrench so I decided to trust his judgement.  All the cocktails were rock themed and of course, the glasses were made of ice!  Towards the end of the drink you could see how the class had melted around the shape of your lips.  It was all quite surreal but a lot of fun, you’ll definitely need your mittens to drink here!
Afterwards, it was back to the bar for a few more drinks before we said our goodbyes.  Ice Bar London were the perfect host, and as we left we were given a goodie-bag, including Phoenix Magazine and some rather handy smartphone gloves.  If you want to check out Ice Bar London for yourself, packages start from just £13.50 and include 40 mins in the Ice Bar and a cocktail, but there are others that include food too.

A huge thank you to Ice Bar for letting me share this experience and the wonderful Lauren for organising it all.  If you are ever in London and want to visit a bar that’s truly unique, I couldn’t recommend this enough.  As soon as the theme changes, I’ll be back!


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