Moments: January 2016

I’m taking a leaf out of other bloggers’ book’s this month and bringing you a new series.  Life rushes by so fast it’s easy to forget what you’ve actually seen, been part of and achieved. So I want to do a round-up every month to share with you guys the things that didn’t make it into a blog post, because to be honest there’s so much I don’t get the time to tell you guys about!  Hopefully, this will help us get to know each other a little better.
Side note: This will be replacing my Monthly Reads posts for the time being, as I will mention what I’ve read in here.  I might still do full book reviews from time to time – who knows.
January has been a big month for me, for a start I moved across the country to London and started a new job.  Here’s just a little of what I’ve been up to
I’ve read…
Gladiator Games by Tanika Gupta- This is a play I saw back when I was a teenager, and it had such a big effect on me that I remember almost every moment of it.  So I decided it was time to read it.  It’s about a true event and it’s dramatic, tense and sad.  A near-perfect play.
How To Build a Girl by Catlin Moran- I don’t know how I felt about this book.  In short I was disappointed, it wasn’t out and out awful, but about 1/3 of it felt completely irrelevant to the story, and almost just seemed like bragging.  The beginning I just couldn’t get into, but I enjoyed some parts of it.
I’ve visited…
Leeds for the Murder on the Posh Floor event- It was such a fun event and so good to catch up with some of my fave blogging girls!
The British Museum- This is right next to work so I go there to read on my lunch break most days. I’ve had a wander through the exhibitions too.
High Barnet and Cockfosters- As part of Walk London I took part in a walk that went between these two places.  It was like being in the country and I ended up covered in mud, strange for London!  The guide was amazing and told us the history of the areas as we went. 
The Ice BarThis is somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for ages so I was delighted when I was invited down to review it as part of a blog event.  My review is here but in short, it’s amazing!
I’ve seen…
The Danish Girl– I don’t go to the cinema much but myself and Mum went to see this before I moved.  It was good, but it didn’t blow me away
Making a Murderer- Like everyone else in the world, I am hooked on this documentary series. I haven’t finished it yet because I’m watching it on and off with my sister when her husband is working away.  I’ve become addicted to true crime podcasts recently so this feeds into this obsession. 
How I Met Your Mother- I’ve been binge-watching this because I’ve never seen the last two series, so I started over.  I’ve got a season and a half to go! This was my first London theatre show since I moved, and it was a lot of fun!
Lumiere and Winter Light Festivals– Two similar events just days apart, both lighting up the city in different ways.
Henry V- I got very lucky and got a free last minute ticket to see this as someone at work had one spare.  I didn’t know the person but I’m glad I went through with it, there’s nothing like a bit of mid-week Shakespeare.  
Red Velvet-  The third theatre show I saw this month, I enjoyed it but felt like it was missing something. 
I’ve played…
Fallout 4- I started playing on New Years Eve, only stopping briefly to kiss harry at midnight.  In my defence I was ill but I was instantly hooked, I played right through till 6 am and only stopped because I felt bad Harry was already in bed.  I played as much as I could before I moved but it’s hiding away at the moment as to not annoy my sister (I’m currently staying in her living room!)
I’ve been…
Creating GoalsI am hoping I can stay on track.
Updating my blog, with some major help from the other half I should add.  I have a new header, description (with some help from Corinne’s blog series), background and social media buttons.  I’d love some feedback, and I’m definitely open to criticism.  It’s a work in progress.  
Ordering new Business cards.  A little thing, but I haven’t had any for so long because I knew I wanted to wait until I’d re-organised my blog.
Walking home- I’ve only done it twice but I get to walk through central London and it’s beautiful
TweetingI’ve been trying to find more time to get involved with twitter and it’s become one of my greatest little pleasures.  I’ve been having some great chats with people on there. 
Dealing with a Long Distance RelationshipMyself and Harry have been long distance for a while but now we are literally at the other side of England.  With no car and trains being beyond expensive, being apart is hard, so I just have to hope we can be together soon, he’s totally worth it.
Wearing this dressIt turns out I can wear red and it’s a great fit for work.  I just need to lose some weight so it fits more comfortably.
Creating a Lush giveaway– To thank you for helping me hit my Bloglovin’ goal, it’s still running if you want to enter.
I’ve hung out with…
My friend Dave for lunch- I used to live with Dave at Uni but hadn’t seen him in years, he works near my new job so we had a catch up over lunch.
London Bloggers- Thanks to the Ice Bar London Event I got to meet some great new people, review coming soon!
Work people– Of course I’ve slowly been meeting people at work.  There are only two people (including me) in my department as it’s specialist, but luckily the guys I share an office with took me out for a burger to say hello!
My friend Will– An old friend from Lincoln happened to be in London one weekend so we went to visit The Science Museum for a catch-up.
Missed out on…
Ideally, this is an area I would love to be empty.  My anxiety can get the better of me and stop me doing things, and also due to plain old-fashioned laziness!  I had tickets booked for Bookslam since before I moved, but decided not to go as I was just so exhausted.  It’s a shame because it was about Samual Pepys which is an area of history I love.  I also didn’t go to a crazy musical art event on Sunday because I wanted a lazy weekend and chickened out of going to a Swing class on Tuesday due to general sleepiness and laziness.  It’s a shame because I really want to learn.
What’s your best moment in January?


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