Creating a cosy space for reading

My first ever post on this blog a year and a half ago was a book review,  since then I’ve reviewed in some way, every book that I’ve read for the entire time I’ve had this blog.  Considering I read between 40-55 books a year this has been quite a journey!  Recently however, I’ve not been enjoying reading as much, and I think that has a lot to do with the environment I’m in when I read.

These days I rarely read at home, in fact the last hardback I finished took me over a year for this exact reason.  I read on the tube, and I read on my lunch break, and all the time I am fighting the draw of my phone.  Working full time and being a blogger means that lunch is often the only time I get to check and update my social media and my email.  Then every few pages, I find myself just checking my phone, endlessly checking!

That’s why I think giving yourself a space to totally switch off digitally, even only for a short time, is essential.  At the moment I’m crashing in my sister’s flat, but I’m dreaming of having my own small reading space (with emphasis on small as I’m living in London).

So here are some little things that can change that one corner of your flat into a technology-free haven!

First things first comfort is key, and what makes a space more cosy than a pillow fort!

The first three pictures are from the website Human, which is my go-to site for cute feminist/statement home wear and clothing, and here is just some idea of the stuff on there.  I love it because their designs are powerful, but also cute and colourful.  I spotted this reading pillow  (yes apparently a actual thing) on a website I’d never heard of before called Dormify.  It’s more expensive than I would usually look at for a pillow, but it comes in a lot of different designs and most importantly it’s literally made to prop you up when you’re reading!  I had to include this super kawaii cloud pillow from Etsy – just look at it!  Lastly, these camera pillows from Uncommon goods* are ideal for bloggers – let’s face it, they are picture perfect!

“But where am I going to put my tea?” I hear you cry!  Tea is an essential part of winding down with a book, so here are some beautiful pieces of furniture to rest your mug on:

This first piece by Houzz is super chic, much more than I would ordinary pick, however I chose this because of its hat-tip to mid-century style.  I’m all about those legs, and as much as I love kitsch, there is something about this neutral palette that I love.  Speaking of kitsch, why not rest your tea on books, seems fitting right!?  Which you can totally do with this book table, yes that’s right, and it comes in a variety of colours.  Another very chic and minimalist design comes from Uncommon goods here* with this unique tea side table, very on trend.  Lastly, I just thought this last one was super cute!  It’s a table made for exactly one cup of tea.  That’s some genius thinking right there!

Visuals play a large part in telling our brains to switch off, so surrounding ourselves with beautiful artwork is a great way to create a personal space within a home.

Why have you got a cartoon picture of a random dog I hear you ask?  Well Uncommon Goods* are at it again with these personalised prints, so you don’t have to choose a random dog, you can get yours.  One of the things I miss the most since moving is having my dog near, so I’d love a cute personalised picture of her nearby.  Plus it’s been proven that looking at pets have all kinds of calming effects.
There’s a tea theme going on here right?  Tea is the best!  It relaxes me when I need it to and perks me up when I’m sleepy, and most of all, it makes me feel homely and cosy – so this print from Not on the High Street is a great edition.  Lastly, I had to just add this print because I love its atomic, vintage style.  Home-wise, I am heading more and more towards that 50’s style, which will be a shock to no one.  I love how this is simple, but adds a splash of colour.  You can grab this one over at Zazzle.

So there you have it, that’s everything you need short of actually smelling like a paperback to create your own little ‘haven’.  Don’t forget to hit up Uncommon Goods if you want to find some really unique home d├ęcor, made by individual artists.  Perfect for brightening up any home.  What do you use to brighten up your reading space?

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