Get in the Sea Sunday: TREsemme’s Pre-Wash Conditioner

Welcome to my new, occasional series about things I just need to rant about, Get in the Sea Sundays.  These will be popping up every now and then when you just need to ask, what are people thinking!  Let’s start off with something that’s really getting on my goat this week, TREsemme’s Pre-Wash Conditioner.

You might wonder why a product that I don’t even own can get my annoyed?  Well it’s the concept that really winds me up.  By now you have probably heard of reverse hair washing?  If you haven’t, it’s a simple idea, instead of shampooing your hair then conditioning, you just reverse it.  Conditioning first, and then finishing with a shampoo.  It’s supposed to stop your hair feeling weighed down and leave it feeling cleaner.

Now I don’t have an issue with reverse hair washing at all, in fact it’s saved my hair since moving to London because London water is horrible.  This is the only thing that has stopped my hair looking greasy straight after I wash it (if I was some kind of diva celeb I would totally get tanks of Yorkshire water imported), my issue is that somehow, brands have tried to make a product out of this.

One of the beauties of this simple hair trick is that it needs nothing extra that you don’t already own, you literally just change the order, and yet somehow TREsemme are trying to make money off it.  They patent some kind of ‘pre-wash conditioner’ that is so completely unnecessary it’s a joke.  Apparently it has “fleximax volumisers and fibre polishing actives” whatever the hell they are!

So simply,  TREsemme’s Pre-Wash Conditioner, get in the sea!

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