Moments: February 2016

Sorry, it’s been way too long, my life is all over the place at the moment!  February is such a short month, it really does go by so fast.  It’s one of those months where I don’t think I’ve done much until I take a look-back.  That’s one of the reasons I’m glad I started doing these round-ups, it makes me so thankful.  So here’s what I’ve been up to.

I’ve read…

Vagina by Naomi Wolf- I picked this book up randomly when shopping with a friend last year because let’s face it, that name is pretty eye catching.  Billed as ‘a new biography for the vagina‘ I thought maybe I would learn something, and I did.  I didn’t agree with everything she had to say, some of it was a bit of a leap, but I found some of the links between psychology and women’s physiology interesting, even if it was a bit embarrassing to read it on the tube!  Pick it up if you want to learn more about yourself ladies!

Six Poets: Hardy to Larkin by Alan Bennett- As you probably know by now I am a big fan of Bennett, so when I saw a copy of this in a book store with a ‘signed copy’ sticker on it, I had to buy it right away, (even if I was supposed to be on a book buying ban).  This is Bennett talking about his favourite poetry.  I know little about poetry and this was a good welcome to the genre.  Having Bennet give the history and his insights to the poems really helped keep me interested.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 2 by Naoko Takeuchi- The second in this series, given to me by my manga-loving friend Leann.  Like the first this is a fun, light story that’s enjoyable, although some of the translation was a little off.

Skagboys by Irvine Welsh- This is a sort of prequel/re-imagining of the popular classic Trainspotting.  Even though Welsh is one of my favourite authors, this took me 14 months to read!  This isn’t a reflection on the book, just that I had it in hardback and I’m rubbish at reading big hardbacks because I have to read them at home.  I do most of my reading during the day and this is too big to travel.  The book itself was really good, as always it takes concentration with the flipping between characters and strong dialect, but it was worth it.  Welsh creates characters like no other.

I’ve visited…

An amazing Italian- That I can’t remember the name of which isn’t helpful, but the staff were so old fashioned and polite plus the food was amazing.  If only I had started using Yelp before this!

The Coronet Theatre for a Theatre Tour- This is a free tour of a theatre currently in the process of reconstruction, and it’s amazing!  Go do this tour while you get the chance, the building is beautiful and it’s a privilege getting to see it in its current state.  The changes there are happening there so fast!

Meat Liquor- Seriously, one of my favourite places to eat.  Dark, dingy and delicious.  The best chicken wings I’ve ever eaten, I want them right now!

The Oddities Museum, London- Bar on the upstairs, strange museum downstairs.  There are lots of dead things, a few alive things, some vintage porn and celebrity poo, and that’s not even the strangest stuff.  Does good beer too if you can stomach it after that.

Pasta Remoli– For some tasty Italian, check the link for my full review.

Home- I went back to my parents for the weekend to see some family, which is always nice.

I’ve seen…

Nell Gwynn, Apollo Theatre- I went to see this at the start of the month, and enjoyed it for what it was, light entertainment.  A full review is in the link.

The Women: New Portraits exhibition by Annie Leibovitz-  Annie Leibovitz is one of the most famous photographers in the world, or so I’m told.  I have to admit my knowledge is seriously lacking when it comes to all things art related, but that didn’t stop me queuing for half an hour in the rain on a Friday night to check this out.  It was unusual, with the portraits shown on big screens rather then individual images, but they were striking and inspiring, and that’s coming from someone who knows nothing about it!  It was great seeing pictures from such a variety of women, quite inspiring really. 

Phosegore and Chainreactor at Slimelight- I finally broke my slimelight virginity!  It’s a rock club with a tube carriage and a ball pool in it, and that isn’t even the strangest thing going on.  The gig itself was amazing, I danced hard!  I rolled in at 6.30 am, causing me to miss something I was supposed to do the next day, woops!

A kitten on the tube- Seriously, made my week!

The Martian- We watched this on my brother-in-law’s birthday, it wasn’t bad but I didn’t love it either.

X-Men: Days of Future Past at the BFIA private screening event with Joe Bloggers, so cool!

Royal Vaxaul at the RVT- A musical set in the bar that the real events actually happened in.  It involves Freddy Mercury, Kenny Everitt and Princess Diana in drag, and yes it’s a true story.  We can only imagine how crazy that event was, but this show gives us a glimpse at some of the possible fun.

The Father- Honestly the best piece of theatre I’ve seen since moving to London, I’ll write a review soon.  It made me cry and I don’t cry easily, go see it.

I’ve played…

Gay Bingo- Yes this is a real thing.  At the Royal Vauxhall Taven, you will find this on every Monday, it’s a mix of drag, bingo and insanity.  I highly recommend it.  It’s absolutely hilarious and you can sometimes win a microwave omelette maker or a tin of beans, so there’s that…

Cooking Fever- It’s just this stupidly addictive time management game on my iPad that I enjoy far too much.

Star Wars Battlefront- I had the TV to myself over the weekend so I got to play with friends, I was awful but it was fun.  I’ve somehow lost my headset though so that made it a bit less enjoyable as I couldn’t here my friends taking the piss out of me for dying for the 50th time.

Fallout 4- This is probably going to be on this list for the whole of this year, I love it.

I’ve been…

Learning Code- Work had mentioned in passing that if I wanted to, I could spend a few hours a week learning code.  I know nothing about code and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve been getting stuck in with Code Academy, I’ve got a lot to learn but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere right?  It would be nice to change things on my blog without having to ask my boyfriend!

Eating Hary Potter Cupcakes- I work for Bloomsbury, the publishers of Harry Potter, so for Harry Potter Book Night we all got themed cupcakes.  They were delicious!

Wearing the crap out of this jumperIt’s the one from my Modern Sweater Girl and it’s just so warm it’s become my go-to, especially for work!  It works perfectly under a pinafore dress. 

And this oneWhat can I say, I’m lazy and I hate the cold.

Eating Pizza- No regrets.  Well, except I found out Papa John’s is homophobic, so that’s my last pizza from there.

Taking advantage of the Skinny Dip Sale- I got these cool bags for a steal, even if I did have to queue for most of my lunch break.

Eating Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup- For pancake day of course!  My sister thinks it’s weird to have this combo with British pancakes rather then American style ones, but she is wrong.

Walking around London- My favourite days in London are when I accidently find hidden gems.  I took a walk and ended up walking all through central London and it just made me so happy.  I found a really cool shop and I bought some glitter, and then made my way to a Waterstones and bought a few cool books before ending up on the Southbank.  It was simple but amazing.

Trying to find out how to get my money back from this Mac scamSeriously if anyone has any ideas let me know.  It’s the principle more than anything else.

To Bunker 13, Leeds- This is an alternative goth/ industrial night run by my friends.  I decided to drive so it was my first ever club night driving and not drinking.  I loved it as always, I went out in my bra which was new!

I’ve hung out with…

Old friends on Facebook- Someone created a Facebook group for all the people who used to be emo/ metal kids in the early 00’s in  Rotherham.  Basically, there was this famous pub called The Charters where all the cool kids went to break bones in mosh pits and do a bit of underage drinking.  I was too much of a wuss for the underage drinking part, but I saw some amazing (or at least they seemed it at the time) bands and wore a lot of black!  People got really enthused by this simple Facebook group and I saw some crazy photos and it brought back some amazing memories.

The London Theatre Bloggers at the Lift 2016 Launch- It as so nice to meet people who had such similar interests and this launch was a lot of fun.  There are some amazing things coming to the Lift festival this year, so hopefully I can check some out.

More lovely bloggers at the Siara Shoes event- Seriously people have been so nice, the shoes at this event were stunning too.  The materials are such high quality and Indian inspired in a totally unique way.

My boyfriend- He came down for a weekend, it was lovely!

My little sister- Despite us living in the same city we don’t usually see each other much so this has been nice, we even got Nando’s, winner!

Yelp People- One of my new blogging friends told me about Yelp, so I decided to give it a go.  I went along to a meet event for new users, and got to have a chat with some amazing people while eating some tasty food.  I’m just getting to grips with the app but I’m hoping to get involved more, I’m enjoying it so far. 

My cousins (and my dog)- I used to be so close to my cousins when I was younger, but our families fell out and we lost touch.  We have been getting close due to a couple of nice things and one very bad event.  Every cloud and all that! 

So there you have it, March is upon us!  If you want to follow my adventures why not following me on Instagram  or Twitter.  What are you looking forward to this month?


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