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Do you have a website that you just know you can’t check? You know, because there will be something on there you fall in instant love with and you probably can’t afford?  For me that website is Hot Topic!  You might have remembered my love of this American site from my wishlist last year, or maybe from my Boba Fett dress.  No?  What about the Ariel dress? or was it the t-shirt?, the Alice Jumper?  The Fault In Our Stars t-shirt? that one cool goth dress I bought?  What about that super cute Minnie Mouse dress…You get the idea, I really like their stuff, especially the Disney items!  I first discovered them as a 13 year old wannabe skater/emo kid on a family trip to Florida, back then it was the goth stuff that drew me in, these days it’s mainly the unique Disney items!

So on Boxing Day I made the fatal mistake of looking to see if there were offers on.  Sure enough there was and as usual I wanted way more than I could afford.  So after lots of feeling sorry for myself, I finally settled on getting just one dress.  This amazing Alice in Wonderland Silhouette Corset dress (unfortunately no longer available).  It was $69.50 dollars but with 25% off, 50% off international shipping and the import tax if cost me in the region of £80.  A lot yes, but it was a treat and very unique.

I wore this for the first time recently to Dans Le Noir’s 10th birthday celebration.  You might know Dans Le Noir as the restaurant in the dark.  It’s a restaurant in complete darkness, where you don’t know what you will be served, and all the waiters are blind.  I went about 5 years ago and it was one of the greatest experiences – I’d love to do it again.  For their 10th anniversary they have something new, every Friday they will now be hosting a silent disco with a twist, the staff on hand will be signing and you are encouraged to only communicate using sign language.  I was a little reserved at first, it felt so new and I was worried I’d look a little silly, however I soon got into the swing of things.  The staff were great at loosening you up to have a conversation using sign language and I had fun at the bar ordering from the menu (we had a booklet of actions).  If nothing else I can now sign ‘surprise champagne cocktail’, so that’s something!  I thought this was a great way of bringing Dan’s La Noir’s mission of experiencing disability in a new forum.

I wanted to wear something that was casual and fun, but also appropriate for a night out, so I thought it was the perfect time to crack out this dress for its first outing!  The dress itself has a corset style top, although it contains no boneing, with hook and eye detail on the front, lace ties at the back and keyhole detailing.  I love the scalloped detailing on the neckline that brings an extra something feminine to the look.  The skirt part is where this dress becomes really special!  It consists of four layers; a lining, tulle, a printed silhouette layer and a sheer printed top layer, giving the skirt some real volume and depth.

I topped these off with what are without a doubt the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, these Clarks shoes, kindly sent to me from Brantano.  I have a tendency to stick to cheap Primark shoes, which inevitably means I never wear heels because they are so uncomfortable and slow me down, which really bugs me!  These cost more than I would usually pay for shoes, but boy are they worth it.  I haven’t worn Clarks shoes since I was at primary school, but I will definitely hunt them out now!  The cushioned insides and chunky heel means they are comfortable, and I can keep my usual walking pace!  I have been reaching for these over my flats on a few nights out, which is basically unheard of.  I think I’m learning that one pair of quality shoes are better than 5 pairs of cheap shoes that I never reach for.  These have some cute scalloped detail and suede finish which means they feel quite luxurious but also go with everything.

As usual I am bad as accessories, but I finished this off with my favourite cat necklace I picked up at London Edge last year and this butterfly hair clip I picked up at the V&A, that flutters with the wind and felt like a whimsical accompaniment to this dress.

Are you an Alice lover?


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