Shopping Spotlight: Sparkle Bunny Shop

OK, confession time.  First of all, I took these pictures way back in September and meant to blog about them before I went to Disneyland in October (along with my actual blogs about Disneyland – they haven’t made it here yet either!).  Secondly, if these images seem a little ‘off’ it’s because I took these pictures on the bonnet of my car (before I had my camera class I might add) seemingly without checking my car was clean first… It seemed like a good idea at the time!  Anyway, enough with the excuses – on with the shopping!
A few months before I was heading to Disneyland Paris, I happened to stumble upon an Instagram shop called Sparkle Bunny.  I soon became captivated and knew I had to place an order.  The shop combines a few of my favourite things, Disney, vintage, and unique hand-made items (all at crazily cheap prices).  It’s a shop that I think everyone needs to know about, so here’s what I picked up in my little haul.  
First up let’s go with the vintage inspired side.  These pair of barrettes cost just $6 a pair and you can choose almost every colour you can imagine.  They are a decent size too and come on a really sturdy crocodile clip.  I wore these in my Hollywood Party post and they’re real show stoppers, I think I’ll be stocking up on a few different colours in the future.
Next, I chose these broaches.  I don’t know what you call this shape so I’d stick with a boomerang for lack of a better description.  Again, you can choose any colour she has available; I chose plain white as I thought it would go with most things, and she threw in this blue one with the star burst design free of charge, which I’ve actually found I wear more.  I love how attention-grabbing the stars are, it really pulls together that 50’s atomic feel.  I can’t find exactly how much I paid for these but I know they weren’t much at all.  They are much bigger than expected too, about the size of my palm.
Now onto the Disney stuff!  I originally placed this order because I wanted to wear these items when I went to Disneyland (which I did) so the first thing onto my list had to be this oh so cute, and oh so iconic, Disney Mickey bar pin.  Again, it’s bigger than it looks and is about the size of my palm (actually come to think of it, all of these are around that size) and cost a grand total of $5!  Amazingly well priced for a handmade item, just look at the detail.  You can’t really see from this image but from the side, it looks exactly like the real thing, with a white ‘ice cream’ layer in the middle.  If you want to go the non-traditional route, this is also available in a variety of different colours, but personally you just can’t beat the classic look!  Oh and there’s Minnie versions too!
Judging by the popularity of these on Instagram, this next item is a best seller.  I was heading over to Disneyland just in time for Halloween, so this was a must.  Not only is it a piece of glittery, eye-catching perfection in itself, but it also glows in the dark!  I’ve also seen her make these in black and green (think right out of the poison in the film) which also looks great and in a variety of different sizes.  This pin was another that somehow was just $5.
Last of all: the haunted mansion sign.  Another icon, and once more perfectly done with the weathered detail.  I just love it and it was only $6!
I was her first UK order I am proud to say, and I doubt I will be her last.  From what I have seen she is also really flexible and can make her designs into other things such as cardigan clips, and earrings etc.  The only thing I wish is that she had an Etsy shop rather than just through Instagram, that way you could see all her designs in one place rather than hunting through snaps and asking for prices.  I honestly think she would be so successful if she did, I recently found her personal Instagram and discovered even more amazing designs on there!  Personally, I’ve got my eye on the pastel Disney D’s and tiki mask broaches.  What are your favourites?  You can find her Instagram here.


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