Moments: April

I’ve visited…
Old Trafford Football Stadium-  When in Rome and all that.  While in Manchester for the Funeral For a Friend tour myself and a couple of friends decided to do the stadium tour, as our hotel was nearby.  It’s a huge and impressive operation, even if you’re not a fan.
Dans Le Noir– The famous ‘restaurant in the dark’ held a celebratory press night which involved a silent disco and sign language.  Read more about it here.
The Fair- I’ve not been to a fair in ages and I loved them so much as a kid.  We weren’t there long but I ate too many sweets, went on the 2p machines and went on a spinney ride that made me feel sick, so I got the full experience.
Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens for St George’s Day- There was knight fighting and a Punch and Judy show, you can’t get more British then that!

I’ve read…
Eliza Rose by Lucy Worsley- This was a book from work, a children’s book about the Tudor court.  I really enjoyed it, and it definitely ventures more onto the YA side than children’s.
Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell- I got this for a pound as part of World Book Day.  I love Rowell’s writing and this was no exception, plus it was about Star Wars!  A very cute short story.
Thatcher Stole My Trousers by Alexei Sayle- The second biography by the famous comedian, this was a bit hit or miss for me but it held some great insights.
Engleby by Sabastian Faulks- I picked this up in a library sale ages ago and only just got around to reading it.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  It’s a slow burner that’s for sure, and while it was intriguing, I thought about giving up on it several times.  However the last 100 pages saved it.

I’ve seen…
Barnsley FC win the cup!- I was back at Wembley again this month, this time with the majority of my home town in tow.  Barnsley were in the finals for the Johnstone’s Paint Cup Trophy (yes that’s a real thing) and we won!  This is the third time I’ve been to Wembley with my football team and the first time we’ve come away with a win.  It was emotional!
A film at the BFI- My first ever trip to the BFI.  The film was great, it was part of the Flare LGBT film festival about two women going through a breakup.  Unfortunately though I’ve totally forgotten the name!
Funeral For a Friend’s two gigs in Manchester- My first gigs of their finale tour, a different album each night.  I cried, and I cried, and I cried and I cried.  The last ever gigs are in May and I’m simultaneously looking forward to it and completely dreading it. Find out why this band mean so much to me here.
Gayby Baby at The Prince Charles Cinema- This one I actually did remember the name of!  This is a documentary about Australian LGBT couples with children, and it was fascinating.  The children in it were hilarious and so witty!  It was my first time at the Prince Charles and I loved it.  This was the start of their LGBT monthly films and I suggest you all go and support it.

I’ve played…
Fallout 4- I haven’t had the time to play this in months but I had the TV to myself for a few days so I was back on it.  I love this game too much (except when I keep dying and throw a paddy).
Magic Kingdoms- I was so hyped up about this new Disney game but it wasn’t what I expected.  It’s an iPhone game where you get to run the Magic Kingdom in Disney, but it’s nothing more than a low rate Farm Friends time game.  I got addicted to it because I wanted to unlock all the characters, but it was really buggy and caused me endless problems for my phone.  In the end I deleted it a few days ago because it was making my phone unusable.
Mini Golf- Yelp took me to Plonk to check out some mini golf.  I love mini golf and although I was as bad as ever I really enjoyed it, and met some great people.

I’ve been…
At London Book Fair- It was for work but it was a nice day, I didn’t have too many meetings so I got to have a decent wonder around and see what all the other publishers were up to.
Flat hunting/ viewing etc- The big news for me this month is that my other half was offered a job, so he’s going to be moving across the country to live with me!  Due to him only being in London for a few days we had a rush on to pick an area, book some viewings and start hunting!  In the end we actually went for the first flat we saw and didn’t need to look anymore after the first day.  After some stress we were approved and are now awaiting moving day at the end of May.  I have never lived with someone I’ve been in a relationship with so it’s going to be an adventure!
To the Vintage Car Boot Sale- It was amazing, I could have bought so much!  I came away with a couple of dresses and some jewellery, but I really had to stop myself buying stuff for the flat.  I can’t wait until it comes back again!  Oh and the cars were so beautiful!
Made a Yelp Elite!- For those of you that don’t know, Yelp is an app where you can review food and attend events to meet people as well as other things.  An elite is what they call ‘the best of the best’ and I was made one this month!  It happened so much faster then I thought it would and I’m chuffed!  I get access to things like events.
Hosting a Giveaway!- Have you seen it?  There’s a £90 handmade bag to be won!

I’ve eaten…
At the Flavours of Lisbon event– I picked up a few tips but I think my cooking has a long way to go!
Barnsley’s New Cocktail bar- I’d heard mixed things, but I have to say I liked it, the town could do with somewhere a bit nicer to drink.
Wahacca- My first experience of this Mexican chain and I was unimpressed, I am yet to find a London Mexican I actually like.
Meat Liquor- A friend of mine from home popped up so I took him here as it is currently my favourite place to eat and I want everyone to try it. Perfect if you like messy food, I am all about the chicken wings!
NY Fold- This is a pizza place that’s meant to bring the New York style pizza to London, and they did a good job!  It’s pretty cheap too, you can buy by the slice and the staff are all lovely.  I went here for a work birthday and I’d recommend it to anyone.
Secret Brixton- This was a huge project run by Yelp to draw attention to some of the local businesses, we got samples from some amazing places.
Honest Burger- This Brixton gem is a favourite of my brother in law, and I really enjoyed it too.  The staff are also super friendly.
Byron Burger- Are you sensing a theme?  Byron is one of my favourite burger chains but I was left disappointed on this occasion. 

I’ve hung out with…
Dave at the Ideal Home Show- British Gas were nice enough to send me a couple of tickets to check it out and I used it as an excuse for a catch up with my friend Dave.  I even won my own Wilbur the Penguin and tried out the Oculus Rift.
Dexter and Bella- My boyfriend’s brother and his other half were nice enough to put Harry up while we were flat hunting, so the other Saturday I went around and they cooked us a delicious 2-course meal, which we finished off with watching Star Wars. Perfect weekend.
Kaycia- My little sister took me clubbing.  Yep!  It was an experience.

So there you have it for April, what did you get up to?


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