Blogger City Swap: Birmingham

It’s time for me to tell you all about part two of the megabus blogger city swap!  Last week you will have seen where I took Hayley when she came to visit London, well this time it was her chance to show me around her city of Birmingham.

After a very decent nap on the megabus I arrived at Birmingham to meet Hayley and we headed straight for a train to Bournville.  Sound familiar?  That’s because this is where the famous Cadbury’s factory is, and we had arrived to check out Carbury’s World.  The attraction includes a tour round the factory, the history of chocolate itself and the Cadbury’s brand, and a couple of rides to boot.  While this is mainly pitched at children, there is still plenty of fun for adults.  I was handed six bars of chocolate when we first entered, and got to eat a cup of melted chocolate, it was delicious!  The history part is interesting and the rides are ok, although this is the part where we most felt the most out of place as adults.  I had been here before as a child and was a bit disappointed to find that a lot of the touring of the actual factory can no longer be seen, but it is still a great place to visit and the village itself is very cute.

After this we headed back to Birmingham where we did a spot of window shopping before heading to the Handmade Burger Company for food.  I had a rather unique offering because of its addition of Yorkshire puddings instead of burger buns, trust me it tasted better than you think!

After this we had a lovely walk through Birmingham and Hayley pointed the different sights, history and architecture as we walked towards my Premier Inn Hotel, which I have to say is one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while.

The next day we headed towards the canals to visit the Sealife Center.  Last time I went to a Sealife Center they had some of the same attractions but this time there was also a 4D show too.  As ever I was most attracted to the Penguins, I sould watch them for hours!

Before heading home we had a quick stop over at Yo Sushi for some yummyness before heading for the coach.  I hate fish but there are always plenty of options if you aren’t a fan like me, the chicken terriaki in particular was amazing!

Once again thanks to Hayley for showing me around and megabus for making this swap possible!


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