Haul post- vintage carboot

A couple of weeks ago I attended a special car boot sale near Kings Cross Station, the Vintage Car Boot sale.  This is an event that happens twice a year and combines vintage stalls, cars, and entertainment to make a shopping trip like no other.  This was my first time at the event, and although I was trying not to buy anything ahead of me moving house, I did pick up a couple of bits and thought I’d share them with you.  (Trust me I could have picked up so much more, there were some homeware bits I fell in love with!)

The first things I spotted were these cute clip-on earrings from a stall near the entrance.  I have plugs in my ears and I’m still stretching them up, so I thought these would be perfect for clipping over the top of them when I want a more classic look.  All together these three pairs cost me £5, and I love that I found a range of sizes and colours.

Just before I left I got found these blue beads for just £1 which remind me of the ones my grandma used to have, they match the earrings I bought together so well, it’s crazy that they came from different stalls – don’t you think?

I picked up these two dresses from a stall near the end of the day.  I got the red dress for £25, which my sister describes as ‘Mad Men style’ and I can kind of see what she means.  It’s not quite a wiggle dress but it has that sort of feel.  It’s a bit of a confidence needing power suit, but with some spanks and some bravery I think I can pull it off.

From the same stall I got this blue dress for just £5 from a bargain bin.  It’s a bit old fashioned and could do with taking in, but it’s light and great for the summer (plus I love the collar).

What’s your favourite car boot bargain?


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