Flying Tiger Flamingo (mostly) Haul

Tiger is one my favourite London finds.  Not that they are exclusive to London mind, but that’s where I first across them.  Walking past the windows filled with colourful homeware, I had assumed it was a shop similar to the kind there used to be in Lincoln, filled with overpriced designer products.  That was until my sister shared with me a few bits she got to decorate her uni room with from Tiger that cost no more than a couple of pounds.  Now on my daily walk past on my way to work I struggle not to pop in, and my house is now filled with Tiger homeware, craft supplies, and electronics.

Recently Tiger ticked all my boxes by releasing an oh so colourful and cute flamingo range (Hello perfect 50’s aesthetic!)  Needless to say that I picked up some stuff.  Not all I will add, I was pretty restrained, but enough for my boyfriend to exclaim in mild horror at our flat now being filled with pink birds….

The first thing that drew me into the shop was this flamingo cushion, shining out to me like a glorious pastel beacon!  It was only around £4 (sorry I’m terrible at remembering prices, but this should give you an idea on the pricings generally, I think everything was under £5!)  and is currently taking up residence on my sofa.  All the art work I own is still at my mums, so this print was just a cheap and cheerful way to add a bit of colour and fun into my living room.  The cardboard for crafts booklet I actually got to use as a background for Instagram/blog photos, this is the second one of these I’ve got for this purpose, the last one has more of a polka-dots and stripes theme.

Moving on to glassware I picked up this large glass water bottle and matching glasses, which go along with the full set Harry’s mum just kindly got me from Ikea.  The flamingo cocktail sticks are the perfect addition for finishing off the drinks!

More stuff for the kitchen.  I picked up two bowls and egg cups in the same flamingo print.  I actually wish I’d picked up more now so I’d have a full set, Tiger stuff changes over pretty fast so when you see something you want you need to act fast! (I am still morning several items I lost in this way).

I am heading to America twice before the end of this year, first to Florida for some DisneyWorld and Universal fun, and later to New York.  I picked up this luggage strap and tag so I can spot my bag from afar on those annoying carousels and announce to an international audience “Hey, I like flamingos, ok!”

I didn’t just pick up Flamingo bits of course, I got this pastel cushion to complement my flamingo one, some not-so-glam travel clotheslines because we have nowhere to hang anything at the moment, and this super cute mini picket fence, currently being used to hold herbs on the windowsill.

Have you caught the flamingo bug?

p.s Sorry for the lighting being a bit odd in this one!  These pics were the first taken in my new flat and I’m still getting used to it!

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