Giveaway: Hamper courtesy of Cooking Fever

You possibly know by now that I am a gamer, I love my PlayStation and Xbox and can lose myself for days in Fallout.  What you probably don’t know is that when it comes to casual gaming, I get completely absorbed in time management games!

Time management games are often based around a job where the aim is to reach a certain amount of points within a time frame.  I find these crazy addicting and have loved them since way back in the day when I used to go on websites like freegames to get my fix.  Since then games like Farmville have transformed this genre into a long form, often heavily based around microtransactions.  However there are a few of these traditional games still going, with games like Cook, Serve, Delicious and Papers, Please proving the genre is still successful.
One such game that hasn’t been given enough attention is Cooking Fever.  They contacted me to ask if I wanted to work on a giveaway with them and I couldn’t say no because I’ve actually been playing this game on my iPad for over a year!  It’s one of the few games that I don’t have to wait for lives and where the microtransactions are optional, not necessary!  The aim of the game is to buy and complete each restaurant with 3 stars on every level to maximise your experience (XP) level. This will help you progress through the game and open more exciting restaurants.  Customers will ask for a specific dish or drink. Your goal is to serve this to them as quickly as possible to maximise your tips and customer satisfaction.  Honestly it is so much fun and very addictive, you can download it and get started here.!
Recently they have opened the Barcelona FC Sports Bar as the latest addition to the game, with plenty of famous football stars waiting to be served.  To celebrate the guys at Cooking Fever are kindly letting me share a little something with my own readers in the form of this tasty looking hamper of chocolate!  This beautiful chocolate hamper contains a mix of well-known and boutique chocolate treats. Dip into cappuccino chocolate sticks, or enjoy the white chocolate cookies, Swiss truffles, caramels, chocolate gingers and the unique chocolate stones.This is available for UK entries only, to enter, please fill in the Rafflecopter below:

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