Uncle Monte’s: Home of the Monte Cristo Sandwich

This week our American cousins have been celebrating the 4th of July, and who says just because they are celebrating independence from erm, us, that we can’t join in?  One thing America is famous for is its food, and between the BBQ revolution, to the handmade burger trends to the current hot dog fads, American style foods are bigger than ever over here in the UK.

You might ask yourself, what is there left to bring over?  Well Pond in Dalston thinks it might have the answer, with its new Summer residency Uncle Monte’s.  They are bringing with them something new to London, the famous Monte Cristo sandwich, and some of its relatives.  The Monte Cristo is a sandwich filled with meat and cheese then fried with jam added to the top.  Now does that sound like an American treat or what?  It is the best seller at Disneyland no less, so it was time to find out what the secret was!  
So getting started clockwise from left here’s what we sampled:

The Count of Monte Cristo £9
This is the headliner, Ham, Turkey, Swiss and American cheese, mustard, mayo and strawberry jam.  It shouldn’t work, it’s a whole mix of savoury and sweet, and it’s fried on top of that, yet somehow it does.  It’s pretty heavy going, but I can see why this is a classic.

Monte of Alamein £7
The vegetarian option is this lasagne addition with smoked tomato jam.  I think this was the most controversial, and definitely seemed to split opinions.  

Monte Zuma’s Revenge £8
Third fried sandwich was filled with pulled pork, kimchi, pickled onions, jalapenos and jalapeno chive jam.  This was my favourite, the meat was tender and it had a flavourful kick which played to my spicy loving side, delicious.

Montgomery Burns £10
This is a sandwich but instead of bread there are waffles and it’s filled with ham, brie and apple and onion jam.  I wouldn’t normally think of ham and cheese as a dessert but this was definitely a sweet option, the waffles were very light. 

Viva Monte Vegas £11
This final sandwich reminded me of a true American star, Elvis Presley.  This includes so many of his favourites, banana, peanut butter, bacon, cheddar and American cheese and finished off with strawberry jam.  

With sides including fried pickles and poutine you are never going to leave here feeling slim, but you will be satisfied.  Do you think you would step out of your comfort zone and try these American snacks? 
*I was paid to review this restaurant, all opinions and words are honest and my own.

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