Disneyland Paris Haul

Back in October last year I made a trip with Amy, Hayley and little Liv to Disneyland Paris during it’s Halloween/ autumn celebration.  Because I am clearly not the most organised blogger in the world I am only getting round to telling you about this now!  It’s 6 weeks till I head off to Disneyworld Florida with the same gang and I’m already setting my sights on what I want to bring back with me, so I thought it’s about time I shared with you what I picked up from Disneyland Paris!
Oh pre-Brexit, remember that when the pound was actually worth something and we could spend money abroad?  Those were the days.  So with my euro’s burning a hole in my pocket I took to the various shops in Disneyland and soon got spending!

I wanted to get a keying for my new car and so I picked up this cute Disneyland Paris one that has Mickey and the Eiffel Tower on it so what’s not to love!  I also really wanted one of those Mickey heads that goes on your car aerial but they didn’t seem to sell them unfortunately, maybe it’s just a Disneyworld thing.
I didn’t want to get too many pins as they can get expensive and truth be told I don’t often wear them, but I couldn’t resist this Curious Labyrinth one celebrating the unique Disneyland Paris attraction, I’m a big fan of ride/ attraction specific merch!  I do have some pins I want to trade when I’m in Disneyworld so if you have any advice on how to do it, let me know!
I also got this adorable ring in the silhouette of the castle which I loved to death!  I never wear jewellery but I wore this everyday, it was my biggest splurge of the trip.  Unfortunately this is written in the past tense as it turns out it’s cheaply made and the silver soon wore off and turned my finger green, such a shame!  I’m going to have to get another and cover in in clear nail varnish next time because I still adore the design.

These Minnie Mouse mints were just a little addition to keep in my car as they were only a few euro’s and are really cute, I love the tin!  The Mickey tea light holder is one of the favourite things in my house, I love how it reflects the light around with it’s metallic inner and the little Mickey shapes.  A house is not a home without a little Disney homage right?

I bought these gloves after leaving mine in my room one day and not realising how completely freezing Disneyland Paris is in the autumn!  Honestly I’ve never been so cold, I think it was largely as it’s so open plan there is no shelter!  These Chip and Dale mittens are actually lined and super cosy so I don’t regret buying this emergency purchase.  I look forward to wearing them again next winter.
I got this rainbow flag Mickey pin to help celebrate Pride and I got one for my sister too.  In other Disney parks they have unofficial gay days and these are very popular so I’m glad I finally bought one.  
Lastly I got this really cute Disney mug with a pin-up style Minnie mouse adorned on it.  This is so up my street and I had to have it!  I actually only saw this in one store on the last day so I don’t know how widely they are circulated.  I’m hoping they do more in this line so if anyone see’s any, please let me know!
So there you have it!  I actually think I was pretty conservative, I don’t plan on being this restrained in Walt Disneyworld that’s for sure!  As for the actual trip itself,  all my lovely pictures are Halloween themed and it is currently and uncharacteristically gloriously sunny outside, I thought I would save the images for that post until September, so it will be heading your way soon!
Is there anything in Disneyland Paris you have your eye on?


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