Ladies Day at Newbury Races

Earlier in the month you might have seen my Ladies Day Inspiration post while I tried to narrow down my choices of what to wear for my first Ladies Day event at Newbury Races, well in the end I decided to save my money and go with something I actually already owed:
Hat: Collectif
Dress: original vintage
Sunglasses: Primark
Broach: Luxulite
Shoes: BAIT
This dress was great as it’s thicker, elastic material meant it was perfect for doing the Hidden Underground tour I was going on before hand (post on that soon) but was still glam enough for me to jump straight on the train to Newbury after.  What I didn’t count on was the heat!  A long sleeved thick dress might not have been the best plan, but at least it was comfortable and not too clingy.  I picked up this dress at the Vintage Carboot sale and you might recognise it from my haul post.
I finished the look off with this Collectif hat that I’ve had for years and never worn as I don’t really have anything that goes with the maroon colour and I’m also not sure where it should sit on my head.  Again, the Bait and Luxulite combo came out to play to jazz it up a little and the sunglasses cost me just £1 a few years ago.

As for the actual Ladies Day itself, it was a totally new experience for me.  I’ve never done anything even resembling gambling so I found it fascinating seeing how enthusiastic people were.  We had VIP tickets so we headed to watch one race from the VIP stand before heading for our afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea was homemade by the guys over at Honesty Box and came in three cute boxes.  The first contained sandwiches, the second savoury pastries and the last was dessert.  It was pretty nice and I likes that it was made with love.  The deserts box in particular was so good!

We were given a free bet and myself and Lissa placed it all on one horse we liked the name of and unfortunately we came last!  We didn’t bet again after that, I’m not sure it’s really for me, but I loved the people watching!  There were some incredible outfits!  We went to see who would win the best outfit and the final 5 contestants all looked fabulous, thee prize was a luxury holiday so maybe next time I’d have to put some more effort in and enter.

Will Young performed later in the day when the races had finished but we decided to head home as we were exhausted!  Have you ever been to a Ladies Day?

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