Moments: July 2016

I will remember July as the month wear it was actually hot for a week, remember that time? Seems crazy now it’s freezing again! Here’s what I did with my time in and out of the sun:

I’ve Visited

I was invited to Germany to attend the Essence Beauty Bloggers Secrets party and honestly it was one of the best weekends I’ve had all year, and with the best bloggers! My first travel post on Cologne  is now live!

Home for my Uncle’s 50th Birthday party-

It was nice to visit home and see family, and I could finally move most of my stuff from my parents into my flat in London.

The Peak District-

We’ve been to Harry’s family home for his brother’s 21st and had a great time celebrating and seeing his family.

London Landmarks with the Bullshit London tour-

This was a Yelp event that was a tour of London with a twist, it was all bullshit! The tour guide just made up all the facts and history of everywhere we went! London was looking particularly gorgeous on this day and I haven’t laughed this hard in a while! Some of the main amusement was looking at the peoples reactions who weren’t part of the group as they tried to figure out what was going on.

I’ve Read
Martini Henry by Sarah Crowe-

A nice light read that mixed love with archaeology and family history. Not my normal thing but I really enjoyed the way it switched between the lead character’s present and the past of her extended history.

One by Sarah Crossan-

This is one of the titles at work that’s been making a splash after it won some prestigious YA awards. It’s about conjoined twins and is written from the point of view of one of them in a poetic style that’s really unique. This is a really easy one to whizz through.

The Case of the Hail Mary Celest by Malcolm Pryce-

Another book I picked up at work, this time simply because the cover was so pretty! This is actually the first mystery/ crime book I’ve ever read and iI found it enjoyable. I particularly loved the setting of the GWR Railway in the 1940’s, what a beautiful, romantic period!

The 1950’s Home by Sophie Leighton-

I bought this book from work. I didn’t realised I’d read so many Bloomsbury books this month and it certainly wasn’t planned but it is a perk of the job! Anyway this is a great introduction/ overview of home decor and furnishings in the 1950’s, totally accessible and a great bridge between talking about the aesthetics and fitting them within the social climate of the time.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2016-

I’ve been reading this in short burst since last October but I made myself finish it before I book my Fast Passes this Thursday! I can not recommend the books enough for anyone reading to the Florida parks, it covers Disney and so much more and saves me so much time in lines! I’ve been to WDW over 16 times and this is the one thing that’s made the biggest difference, I actually did the whole of Epcot in the Summer in one day thanks to this book! It’s good for run downs off all the accommodation, transport, rides and so much more!

I’ve seen
Blue Orange at The Young Vic Theatre-

I love the innovative set interaction that you could be involved with before the show, and the performance was poignant and interesting, if lacking a bit of a punch.

Wild at Hampstead Theatre-

You might have heard of this because of the crazy staging at the end. Unfortunately before this the plot os a little slow, but it’s worth it for the last 10 minutes alone!

Marks of Alpha Benn as part of the Women at War festival-

A surprisingly well written and performed piece, read my full review here.

Stalking the Bogeyman-

A play that with me for a while, a full review can be found here.

My friend Clare-

I had my first friend come to stay in the new flat while she attended Star Wars Celebration, I’d love to have friends over more when I get an airbed to fit in between all the Flamingos!

Casablanca at the Luna Cinema-

This was a Yelp event and a good one! I got settled in and watched one of my favourite films out in the open, under the stars!

Savage at Above the Arts Theatre-

An interesting piece of theatre with an even more interesting real history.

Blanc de Blank at The Hippodrome-

Wow, what to say about this! It was experimental, in your face and explicit and a whole lot of fun. Cabarete with a difference, not for the faint hearted!

Dougie from Mcfly-

I was sat next to him on the tube, we exchanged smiles *Swoons*.

I’ve been up to
Meeting lots of vintage lovers at Vintage Pin-up in the Park-

I got my glad rags on and headed to the meetup which had been moved to a tiki bar due to the weather. I met some Marvelettes and had such a great time. See my fashion post to see what I wore!

Charity Shopping-

I love a bit of a charity shop hunt! I’ve not had much chance to explore where I live yet but myself and Harry had a lovely wander through town one Sunday. I picked up a couple of books and vinyls and exchanged some items too of course. I did fall in love with a damaged paper parasol but managed to tear myself away.

Playing Pokemon Go-

Along with the rest of the population I have caught the bug (or Caterpai!) and I’m totally invested in this game. I was a Pokemon kid so I am so ready for this, I’m still figuring out what I’m doing mind!

Enjoying the sun- 

There was a solid week of sun here and it was so nice.  I was able to enjoy it in my lunch break and it made me so happy! I’m definitely a sunshine girl!

This was a great event with some delicious grub from Hard Rock’s new menu. I even got to take home the rather stylish t-shirt myself and see The Vault. The staff took me down and it’s filled with rock history! I saw some amazing items including Elvis’s Jacket and Jimmy Hendrix’ guitar.

I’ve eaten
At Uncle Monte’s-

This month I checked out the new Monte Cristo sandwich at Monte’s, a Disneyland classic that was totally new to me, I reviewed it earlier in the month.

Our first homemade Sunday Dinner-

We made our first Sunday dinner at the flat. I can’t lie, Harry was responsible for a lot of the timings, it stresses me out, but we did a good job.

Shake Shack-

I went here for the first time as I needed a quick meal before heading to an event. The burger was disappointing and really over priced, I accidently ordered frozen custard instead of a milkshake too and this was nice although very sweet!


A Turkish lunch joint that was tasty and fresh. I had something that resembled a Turkish pizza and falafel, it was a pleasant change from my usual lunches.

NY Fold-

I tried this place before in April and it was just as good as it was then. I split a pizza with my friend and in hindsight this was way too much, we would have been better off sticking to a slice or two!

At Ice Cream Fest-

I helped out the Yelp guys this month doing the social media for the ice cream festival, and got stuck into the free samples of course! I loved the alcoholic ice lollies and the liquid nitrogen mango and chilli ice cream had a real kick!

So that was July! Don’t forget there is still time to enter my Ladies Day Giveaway!


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