Pixie Lott t-shirt Launch and Vault Tour at The Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe’s iconic t-shirts are a recognisable site across the world, especially in big cities.  You’ll always see someone rocking them as mementoes of places they visited.  For me, they always remind me of Florida, where we would sometimes stop for a bite to eat during a DisneyWorld trip.  This edition of the t-shirt however, is a twist on the classic design, as it was created by Pixie Lott!  I was invited down to the London Hard Rock Cafe for the launch of her design.
I was greeted by a colourful array of cocktails and pizza from their summer menu.  The cocktails were all fruity and refreshing, great for summer, and the pizza was thin, traditional and very tasty!

Some of the staff then put on a mini fashion show so we could see Pixie’s chosen design, it comes in pink or white, t-shirt or vest top and has men or women editions.  I think the gold and floral touches are really nice and add a feminine edge, it’s even printed with her signature on the back.

After this, I was kindly taken down to view The Vault.  The vault is a music museum under the Hard Rock Cafe shop that holds some amazing memorabilia, it even once held Princess Diana’s wedding dress!  It used to be the vault of the Bank of England so the setting is very apt.  Some highlights were Elvis’s Jacket, Bob Dilan’s guitar and Black Sabbath’s drum kit!  If you are near Mayfair is definitely worth a trip down!

Have you ever visited a Hard Rock Cafe?  Where in the world?


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