Top 5 London Cheap Eats

London is the home of good eating! It’s a melting pot where people from around the world come together to work and play, and bring their favourite local flavours with them. There is so much choice it can be hard to narrow down what and where to try, and it can be an expensive affair! Here are a few of the places I’ve stumbled across in London that don’t break the bank.

Pide is a cute little Turkish restaurant on Charlotte Street with enough seats for just a handful of guests, and a menu full of new flavours. Pide is actually a kind of baked flatbread topped with a host of meats and vegetables, similar to a pizza with a middle-eastern twist. They also sell falafel, chicken wings and salads, all with the signature Turkish flavour. A great pocket friendly stop for a large lunch.
Meat liquor
How many times have I mentioned Meat Liquor on my blog now? I’m not getting paid by them honest (I wish they were!). It’s fair to say I have a bit of an obsession with this place quite simply the best chicken wings in London! The burgers and chilli fries ain’t half bad either! This is my go to place for messy, American style food.
NY Fold
My current favourite place for a slice in London. I’ve been told that although this isn’t quite as great as real NYC Pizza, it’s as close as you can get in London (hopefully I’ll get to try out the real deal in November!). The portions are big and a slice or two is more then enough to fill you. They have unlimited soft drink options and you can get three slices for just £7.50, or a whole 16 inch beast for £19.95, which is easily enough for 4 people as myself and my friend Dave discovered when we tried to finish one between us…
Sticky Bundits
I discovered these at a resent 50’s inspired Yelp event, where they provided sushi burgers. Now if like me you hate fish, fear not! This isn’t a fish burger, it’s a burger whose buns are made of sushi rice! It sounds strange but it really works, the one I had was filed with chicken, peanuts and veg for a flavour sensation I haven’t stopped craving since! This street food is by far the best I’ve ever had in London, and it was pretty guilt free!
Jamie’s Italian
Jamie Oliver’s brand of Italian restaurants may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of eating on a budget, however the lunch and evening set menu is really affordable. The lunch menu is 2 courses for under £11, and the evening comes in at under £20 for 3 courses. I recently reviewed there evening set menu so look back to see that next week.
If you are looking for other pocket friendly ways to spend your time in London, check out this post on 30 things to do in London for under £20, showing that city breaks don’t have to cost the earth! I’m always on the look out for cheap eats so if you have anywhere to recommend please do let me know!

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