Travel Planning: 6 Disney Parks in 4 years!

Some might say choosing to travel to six Disney Parks in different parts of the world in four years is a bit obsessive, I say…yeah you are probably right!  There are four of these parks that will defiantly happen, and I’m hoping I can squeeze in another two to make the final six!

I’ve been a Disneyworld fan since I first went when I was 18 months old, I spend a lot of my time listening to the background music of the parks, researching rides that no longer exist, or never got made, and remembering random facts to annoy friends and family with!  It might not be for everyone, but it’s for me.  My mum is the same, she took us to Disneyworld at every opportunity (basically whenever my dad agreed to it) and we went every few years.  So many of my childhood memories with my family have been created there, and now I want to create more.  The only other Disney Park I’ve been to is Disneyland Paris, which I went to for the first time when I was 18, and there are so many more to see!  Here’s how my four years of Disney Parks are shaping up.
Disneyland Paris
2015: Disneyland Paris
Last year I realised I’d not made it to a Disney Park since 2012, so I headed for five days in Disneyland Paris with Amy, Hayley and Liv.  It was October, so the Halloween decorations were out in full force, and although the weather was cold as hell, the wait times were low and I had a great time!  I’ve not shared any of my pics from this trip but with Halloween creeping up on us, expect to see a post soon!
Walt Disneyworld, Florida
2016: Walt Disneyworld, Florida
This is my next big Disney adventure, in October I am heading to Florida with Amy, Hayley and Liv again to take on Disneyworld.  It’s the start of October when we go and I’m looking forward to comparing the Halloween décor here with that of Disneyland Paris, and hopefully attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!
Disneyland Paris
2017: Disneyland Paris
This year is mainly a year of saving for the year after when my travel plans will really kick up a gear, but I’m hoping I can fit in a weekend at Disneyland for my Birthday with my other half.  We’ve never been to a Disney Park together so I’d adore this!
Disneyland California, picture credit Kristin Peterson.
2018: Disneyland California, Disneyland Tokyo and Disneyland Shanghai
2018 is the year it really kicks off!  This is the year that I turn 30 so I am really turning up the heart. For my actual birthday I am hoping to be in Disneyland California, having attended the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival beforehand.  A mini west coast trip! Ideally I wanted to do San Fransisco too but that that was before the next trip got planned…
I’d mentioned to my sister awhile ago that we should go to Tokyo and do Disneyland.  Tokyo is some wear I’ve always wanted to visit and seeing the Disneyland there is an added bonus.  My sister thought it would be a good idea if we do it the year of my 30th (it’s her 40th the year before, so joint celebration) so we are going to do this the same year.  Now the newest Disney Park, Shanghai, is only a two hour flight away, so there’s a chance we can do this too, depending on how long we go for.  The good news with these parks is they are pretty cheap compared to the Western versions!  If anyone has any advice on the best time of year to visit Tokyo I’d be glad to hear it!
That only leaves Hong Kong, which is probably the one I’m least interested in, so I’m happy to leave that for now.
So there you have it, my crazy Disney Parks Plan!  If you want to know more about the Disney Parks around the world, and what makes them all different, check out this infographic from the guys over at My Voucher Codes.
This post includes sponsored elements, all words and opinions are my own.   

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