What I Wore: Beauty Bloggers Secret’s Party

We weren’t told much about the Beauty Blogger’s Secrets party before hand, it was purposely kept a surprise, we were given a hint of what was to come though when we were told that we needed something white or neon to wear for the evening.
Now, I don’t own anything white or neon, so the hunt was on!  You’d think it would be easy finding a nice white dress is summer right?  You’d be wrong!  I spent the week before desperately running up and down Oxford Street trying to find something.  I’m not used to high street shopping these days and let me tell you something, girls apparently just love to rub their faces all over dresses they try on!  So many dresses seemed like contenders, only for me to find huge foundation or tan marks all over them!  It also reminded me that I know what suits my body shape and straying away from that leaves me with more body hang ups.  Luckily, the day before I left, I found something I not only liked, but and was under budget!  Here’s what I went for:
All photo’s taken by the fabulous Lucinda
Dress H&M, similar
Broach, Luxulite
Shoes Tesco, no longer available
Forgive the rather uninspiring background, we had to take these pics when we could on this busy day which just so happened to be after the pallet making workshop which apparently has the most boring curtains ever.
This dress was less than £15 from H&M and it’s casual fit and flare style is the most flattering for me, even though white is pretty unforgiving as I think it’s clear in these photos.  I need to loose a few pounds I think it’s safe to say!  The Luxulite broach adds a pop of colour.  What you can’t see here is the cut out at the base of the spine that made it hard to wear a belt that I think this outfit needed, or any support wear.
The shoes are the same Tesco bargains that appeared in my Pin Up Picnic in the Bar post, comfortable yet high enough for me to feel a bit more glam than usual.  I finished it off with a neon green hair flower I’d picked up at London Edge last year.  
We found out it was a UV party, so we all glowed brightly!  Do you have a favourite white outfit?  
Outtake shot for the lolz:

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