I’m Doing a 20k Sponsored Walk for Charity, Here’s Why.

This month, on the 25th of September, I am joining some of my friends for a 20k sponsored walk to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  

MS is a horrible, debilitating disease that has touched two people in my life.  The first person is Chloe, who actually organised this walk and whose group, The Majestic Pandacorns, I am walking with.  We are banding together to raise as much money as possible for this important charity.  Chloe was diagnosed a few years ago and it came as a total shock that it could happen to one of my friends, and someone so young.

The person I am doing this for is for my Aunt Hillary.   I never knew my aunt when she wasn’t suffering from the disease, it comes in different forms and she had the most extreme.  I never knew a time when she wasn’t in a wheelchair and her ability to speak stopped when I was still a child, but i do have a lot of fun memories from her.  Most of all I remember her love of music and football!  I’m walking in her memory.

For the first time a cure for certain types of MS is on the cards, and it’s within reach!  Now is the perfect time to support this charity and help change people’s lives.  So if you want to spur me on, and help me reach my target for this fabulous charity, then I would absolutely love it if you were to sponsor me.  You can donate as much as little as you like, honestly every pound counts and will help me towards my goal!

As an extra incentive for the bloggers amongst you, I have created a fun little competition!  At the time of writing this, I have had two fabulous bloggers donate, one from the North, and one from the South.  So I thought it’s time to see who’s the more generous in an old fashioned North vs South stand off!

Once you donate, if you want to take part, just tweet me or email me at shystrangemanic@gmail.com and I will add your name and blog link to the list below!  There’s no minimum amount just donate what you can.  You can donate here.  Who is best, Northerners or Southerners?  It’s time to Find out!

Northern Bloggers
Lizi of Glasses Girl
Ally of Digital Diva

Southern Bloggers
Haydy of Squib Vicious

Any advice for doing a sponsored walk?  I’d love to hear it!  Can’t donate?  That’s ok, I’d love it if you could share my sponsorship page, it’s a real help in getting the word out!


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