Moments: August 2016

August wasn’t a great month for me. My mum got seriously ill and so I canceled a lot of my plans and I had other stresses going on.  Luckily she is slowly getting better and I did still manage to do some stuff this month.

I’ve Visited
Hidden London Downstreet Station-
The first Hidden London tour I did took me to the abandoned tube station at Downstreet, which was used as an underground bunker for the Ministry of Transport for WWII after it stopped being used as as an actual station a few years earlier.  It even became home for a short while, to Winston Churchill.  You could see what was left of some of the war rooms and we even got to see the current tube trains going past both sides of the passage we were in, as the Piccadilly Line still goes past this closed station.  I’m thinking of doing a post on these Hidden London tours so let me know if you’d like to see that.  
Hidden London Clapham South-
Another Hidden London tour, this one took me to the deep level underground shelter used as a to protect the community from the bombs in WWII.  It was huge and fascinating to see how many people could shelter down there, safe from the bombs.  It’s a long way down and feels even longer tackling the stairs on the way up, I don’t know how people managed it!
Manchester for Sexhibition-
Thankfully this event was much improved on last years, which felt a bit too corporate.  I love the new venue and staging, although it does make it almost impossible to see the catwalk/ stage area if you don’t have a table ticket.  I managed to keep my money in my pocket even faced with so much temptation, there are some amazing latex designers!
I managed to head home on the bank holiday to see my mum, we didn’t do much as she isn’t well enough to walk too far, but we did make it to Hornsea beach for a few hours with the dog.
Newbury Racecourse-
This was my first ever horse racing experience, I really enjoyed all the people watching and food and If I’m honest, the actual racing took a back seat!  Take a look at my post about my visit and also my clothing advice for for vintage lovers.
The imperial War Museum North-
As we were in Manchester for Sexhibition we spent the Sunday after exploring this museum and it was great!  It gives more of a general overview of the history of war then the southern version, but it does a really good job of putting everything in a historical timeline, I felt like I learned a lot.  
I’ve Read
Quiet Power by Susan Cain-
This is the YA version of her popular title Quiet, which delves into the world of introverts, and the power we hold.  Quiet honestly changed my life, and this YA condensed version was a great revision for me, I’d definitely recommend it for introverted children, especially those dealing with school.
The Accidental by Ali Smith-
This isn’t a book I would normally reach for, but I discovered Penguin’s cool tattoo series of book covers and then decided I need them all!  I don’t know how i feel about this, it was interesting and strange, and the characters were complex and unique.
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thonre-
*sighs* so yeah I read this, it happened, other than that what else is there to say?  It’s ok but it didn’t add much, and have plenty of people have mentioned it goes against some already established canon.  I did really take to some of the new characters, but some established characters were reduced to buffoons.
The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman-
This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.  The art style is interesting and effective, and the core story is just so important, moving and strong.  It isn’t what I thought it was going to be, but that actually made it better. It’s one person’s fascinating story during WWII, but also about the writers often complicated relationship with his father.  This is a must read!
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson-
I’m sure I’m not the only person whose knowledge of this story comes from the Muppets version, which I happen to love.  I actually unfortunately prefer that version, this had some interesting moments but it became difficult to follow when they reached the Island and it lost its traction a little.
I’ve seen
Good Charlotte-
I got to relive all my teenage dreams this month and see Good Charlotte live for the first time.  I wasn’t expecting much but they were actually great!  I was surprised to see how much of their first album they played too, it really took me back!
Jesus Christ Superstar-
I finally saw my first Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical in the beautiful outdoor theatre in Regents Park this month.  The musical was fun but didn’t blow me away, the venue however did and I will definitely be back here again!
I’ve been up to
Booking my fastpasses-
The time finally came for me to book my fastpasses for Walt Disneyworld, I felt so unorganised and I still do but I’m getting there. It’s the next step in my plan to tour 6 Disney parks in the next 4 years.
Exploring Balham
With so much to do in central London it’s sometimes easy to forget how many great things I have in my own neighbourhood, myself and Harry spent some time checking out more local bars and a restaurant or two but there’s still so much more to see!  
Celebrating my blog’s third birthday!-
Yes it’s been three years since this craziness started and I’m celebration with a giveaway!
Taking advantage of the summer sales-
With both Collectif and Lindy Bop having amazing sales I probably spent a little more than I should have, I got so many beautiful clothes though that I really can’t complain!
Playing Pokemon Go at Buckingham Palace-
And other places besides, but the evening I spent at Buckingham palace taking gyms as the sun went down felt particularly special.  
Buying books on National Book Lovers Day-
Simply because it was a good excuse, I picked up three and I’ve already read two of them and I’m halfway through the third.  
Buying a mini Lush Haul-
It seems like ages since I’ve bought anything from Lush, even though the famous Oxford Street store isn’t far from my work.  I had enough empty pots to exchange for a free mask, but of course I couldn’t just leave with my freebie!  A post on this might just be coming here soon!

I’ve eaten
At the Yelp 50’s Party-
Talk about an event made for me!  This event held in Live, Die, Late came complete with cocktails, food from Sticky Bundits who you might have seen in my Budget London Eats Post and music, it was so much fun!
The Artisan Bistro-
I reviewed this funky restaurant earlier in the month and they had some great options, check out my full review here.
Jamie’s Italian-
This month I was invited to try out Jamie’s set evening menu. Although the food wasn’t the best I couldn’t fault the price point at less then £20 for 3 courses.
Cattle Grid, Balham-

I had chicken wings and poutine, both were nice but not amazing.  The wings weren’t the best I’ve had (still on the mission to find the best in London) and the poutine was filling but not totally authentic.  Harry really enjoyed his burger but his mac and cheese was missing a bit of flavour.

Hagen & Hyde-
This local pub does a bar snack menu, which includes chicken wings so i had to try them out. I was seriously impressed, these might be directly behind Meat Liquor in my league table.
Kua ‘Aina-
I met up with Haydy for lunch as her new job happens to be just around the corner from me. She recommended the salad here which is something I never normally order but boy was it good! I’ll be back!

What are you looking forward to in September?

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