My Top 3 Disneyworld Planing Podcasts

In the last few years I have turned into a bit of a podcast fiend!  When I’m not listening to true crime podcast changes are I’m listening to some kind of Disney planning podcast, even if I’m not actually planning a holiday there yet!  I love keeping up with all the changes, new stuff and rumours!

When I head to Florida next month it will have been 4 years since I last headed over, one of my longest gaps ever, and oh boy has there been some changes!  Not least the addition of Magic Bands/ My Magic Plus, the most stressful change at all for someone not used to that system!  Here are the podcasts I’ve been listening to keep me ahead of the game, and try and rest my stressed out planning brain!

The Dis Unplugged
I’m starting off with the very best, and The Dis is definitely it.  Their insights into all Disneyworld related news, rumours and reviews, even of the smallest elements, are second to none.  On top of that they don’t sugarcoat their opinions.  If Disney do things they don’t like, they aren’t afraid to say it, and will give you advice on how to make Disneyworld for you no matter what your holiday group consists of.  I have also started listening to one of their sister podcasts, The Dis Unplugged Universal Edition for info on Universal Studios which is also great.  If you are only going to listen to one, make it this one!

The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish with Jim Hill
I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how good the book The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is, it is the one thing you need to get if you are looking into a Disney World Holiday.  If The Dis Unplugged is the must have Podcast, this is the must-have book.  The Unofficial Guide Podcast is created by the same person who creates the book, and features Jim Hill who is a Disney historian who knows seemingly everything about the parks and their history.  They switch between news and advice, to some really fascinating historical overviews of the parks, well worth a listen!

The WDW Radio Show
I think this is one of the first fan-based Disney World media projects I ever followed, originally via their Youtube channel years ago.  Presented by Lou Mongello, an expert on all things food related in Disney, this podcasts involves reviews, news and answers questions submitted by viewers.  A great place to find an answer to any of your concerns or worries, or just to find some great snacks in the parks!

So there you have it, what do you turn to when planning a holiday?

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