Super Easy Adult Slushies

You won’t see many recipes on this blog, that’s because I can’t cook, and I hate cooking.  I am the epitome of Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook.  What I can do, is drink alcohol and upgrade drinks you loved as a child!

Who doesn’t love slushies?  When I was a kid, being old enough to go to the shop around the corner and get a Slush Puppy on you own was the height of responsibility.  One time a kid we were with asked for a pump of every flavour, what a rebel!  He became the James Dean of our street after that as we all got high on sugar, none of us admitting of course, once you’d had the first few slurps and drank the syrup, you were just left with a cup of ice that no one really wanted.  You had to drink to of course to prove your parents wrong when they told you that this exact thing would happen if you wasted your pocket money on one.

So how do you make this childhood experience even better as an adult?  Simple, ditch the syrup, add the alcohol.

This recipe is super easy, so easy you might think to yourself ‘how the hell as she made a whole blog post about this?’  It goes like this:

In a freezable container, add 1 part of any alcohol, to 2 parts of any mixer, freeze for 4 hours.

That’s it, done!  The genius here is because of the alcohol freezing point it won’t freeze solid, you can instantly scoop it out in the perfect slushie consistency.  Also, you can add any variation of alcohol/ mixer you want.  I went for spiced rum and Pepsi for this trial that’s what I had to hand and it’s pretty great.  I just added one jug of rum to 2 jugs of Pepsi (I don’t mess around!).  Admittedly I could have gone for pretty coloured drinks that made better blog pics, but I just wanted to chug some frozen rum and coke, ok!  There’s plenty of time for faffing around with coloured cocktails next time I try.

If it’s too strong for you, you could experiment with adding more mixer, but be careful, if you add too much it will freeze solid!  My basic recipe works for all mixers, I enjoy it straight but my boyfriend tops his slushie up with more pepsi so it isn’t as intense.

Want to give it a try?  Tweet me your pics, I’d love to see your concoctions!


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