Travel: Exploring Cologne Day Two

Missed day one? Read it here. Sunday was our last day in Cologne, it had come around so fast!  Feeling surprisingly fresh after the cocktails and lack of sleep the day before, myself and Lissa headed to the Chocolate museum to meet Rachel and Hayley whilst the other guys split off to go to the spa.  

The Chocolate museum was great fun and the smell of Lindt chocolate wafted throughout.  It takes you through the history of various chocolate companies and shows you how the factories are run.  Just a few weeks before I had gone to Cadbury’s World and to be honest I found that one more entertaining, and you got much more chocolate!  However the views from this glass structure, which sits right on the Rhine, is stunning!

We headed to the cafe after to choose some chocolaty treats!  I opted for the chocolate waffle which was very filling, sweet and totally Instagram worthy.  The service wasn’t great but we had a fantastic view of the Rhine.
Some of our group had early flights back so myself and Lissa walked back into the centre of Cologne.  From here we headed to the Basilica church of St. Ursula which we were happy to find was open this time.  At first we couldn’t find the small room, but a member of staff soon came to open it for the cost of a few euros.

This is one of the most underrated parts of Cologne, so few people seem to know about it.  The room is filled with skulls, bones and other such macabre items.  The person who worked at the church couldn’t speak English, so I didn’t get the full story of why this was here but she did her best to point things out to us.  Particularly striking where the heads in boxes, and the bones spelling out words high on the roof.  It was fascinating and well worth the trip!

After this we headed to for food again in the centre of Germany, then off to another café for a milkshake.  I’m not going to go into too much detail on that as I have another post just on the food of Cologne coming up soon!
Just like that it was time to head back to our hotel and pack.  The weekend went by so fast and I had such amazing fellow bloggers for company!
Have you ever visited Cologne?


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