What I Wore: Yelp 50’s Party

Do you ever fall in love with a dress, and realise it’s on sale at the same time?  It’s a rare combination, but when it strikes you’ve got to get it fast!  Recently, as both Lindy Bop and Collectif had amazing sales on, I spent a bit too much money taking advantage of both.  One item I fell in love with and just had to get my hands on, was this Marion Red Anchor Print dress by Lindy Bop.

Now we all know that Lindy Bop products can vary when it comes to quality and sizing, so I was disappointed but not surprised when this arrived in a size that should have fit me well, but was actually way too big.  They were out in the smaller sizes so my heart sunk.  However I had really fallen for the dress, so I stalked the website until the size I was after suddenly appeared.  This is from Lindybop’s more expensive ‘made in Britain’ range, and after seeing the difference in quality I would definitely order from this range again.  The material is thicker than usual and elasticated, it fits so well and it’s completely comfortable.  The material also never needs ironing when it comes out of the wash which is a major win in any book for me!  My only criticism is that as I have worn this more and more, I feel like the neckline is getting lower and lower and it’s becoming a little indecent, I don’t want to have my bra on show.  I often have this issue as I have a short upper body and shoulders, I wonder if it is stretching in the wash?
Bandana: old
Hair flower: Collectif, old season
Dress: Lindy Bop Marion Anchor Print Dress
Belt: from a different dress
Bag: Banned Clothing, gift
Petticoat: Lindy Bop
Shoes: ebay, no longer available
Pics by Lissa
In these pics I was headed to a 50’s themed event ran by Yelp at Love, Die, Late, along with Greece playing in the background, free cocktails and amazing food it’s hard to think this event wasn’t made just for me!  To add to the 50’s aesthetic I wore my new Petticoat with the dress, another find in the Lindybop sale.  I tried a 30-inch length (way too long!) and a 28 inch and this is the 28.  In hindsight it’s actually still too long, even when I have it pulled up over my waist it still just peaks out, I think in future I’ll be looking for 26’s to fit my 5 foot 3 frame, you live and learn.  I got this petticoat for a total steal and was surprised at the quality.  I’ve owned a few petticoats in the past but this one feels like my most luxurious.  I love the shape it gives (sometimes I find petticoats that flair out too high up just make me look bigger, instead of the desired 50’s shape) and it is seriously soft.  It also has a really nice lining which stops from the dreaded itch which has made me tear off some of my cheaper versions in the past.  

Shoe wise I was heading straight from work and wanted to walk to the event, so as usual I choose comfort over style with these £5 ebay finds, wish I’d got these in more colours now!  I am still yet to master doing anything interesting with my super annoying thick hair so I added a red bandana and Collectif hair flower to my ponytail to give me a more ‘teen on her way to a sock hop look’.  Do I also get points for matching my nails, Fitbit and bag?  Totally not accidental….

Overall I have to say I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, and I got compliments from strangers and you can’t ask for more than that.  I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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