Guest Post: What Vintage Means to Me

Welcome to Shy, Strange & Manic. I’m Jamie and I will be guest posting on Kariss’ blog today. I can’t thank her enough for letting me ramble on her blog!

I know that the lovely Kariss loves her vintage fashion so I thought that I would kind of talk about my version of vintage today as vintage fashion can be represented through many different ways. Vintage is defined as something that represents a past era.
I think that vintage can mean the above but I also think that it can also mean embedding things from past eras into your wardrobe. I think that just adding one thing to your outfit that is vintage makes a similar statement as making your full wardrobe vintage inspired.
Vintage to me means things such as bowties and loud patterns, it means old styled brogues, thick old flannel shirts, ripped jeans that are reminiscent of the grunge fashion era, it means fancy suits reminiscent of the 20’s/30’s. It also things like old leather jackets and long knit jumpers.
You can incorporate most of these into one outfit to create a plethora of vintage fashion or add one to make an outfit scream that its got lots of history to it. You could drape a leather jacket over anything really. Add some old fashioned brogues to an outfit. Team a dress up via putting a jumper over it. I just thiyok that doing this adds a different dimension to your outfit and it makes you look quite different and unique at the same time which I think is a good thing.
Do you ever team your outfit with anything that is vintage or wear full vintage outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading my rambling post about how to put some vintage into your outfit. I would like to thank the wonderful Kariss for letting me guest post on Shy, Strange and Manic. If you would like to read more of my posts then go on over to

Jamie x

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