Staying Motivated at Work

Sometimes, try as you might, getting through a busy shift can feel like an impossible task.
Either your energy levels aren’t high enough, or you have something else on your mind and it’s hard to stay focussed and motivated.

Companies such as Corporate Rewards provide businesses with ways to keep their staff engaged and motivated, but what can you do to help get through a day and stay motivated at work?

Avoid distractions

Your motivation might be flagging because there’s something going on after work, or there’s somewhere else you’d rather be.

This happens to everyone, but you have to remember you’re at work for a reason. Concentrate on what is required of you and try to ignore the distractions. Think about how completing tasks and getting through the day gets you closer to what you actually want to do. While this might not necessary restore any enthusiasm, it can help you to refocus on work and improve productivity.

Simple tasks

One way to avoid distractions is to focus on a task in front of you. Either finishing a piece of work, serving customers, even something simple like cleaning or organising part of your workplace. Look for a task that’s simple and can be accomplished in a sensible amount of time.

These can help to refocus your mind, giving you something to concentrate on as well as a sense of satisfaction when you’re done. These are great tasks for passing time and getting through a shift that’s dragging. Completing tasks also serves as a way to motivate you to continue finding things to do, increasing your productivity for the day.

Long-term goals

You might find that you aren’t that interested in your job, if you’re at uni and working part time for example this could be the case.

The key in these situations isn’t to focus on how much you dislike a job, or how fed up you are but to think about what the job allows you to accomplish, what it allows you to buy, where it allows you to go etc.

Use the results of your job as a means to motivate yourself. Focus on the next thing you’ll treat yourself with on pay day and keep that in mind as a way to get through the shift. You might be working in a job to earn some extra money to pay for a holiday, use the end goal and the reward you’ll give yourself as your focus and motivation.

Career path

You might be in a role that isn’t what you want to do forever, but forms a very important part of your career journey. Remember that in many careers you have to start somewhere and, much like the previous point, focus on the end goal as your motivating factor.

You could be working in an entry level role with a view to working your way up through a company. You might not be all that enthusiastic about the daily work you’re currently doing but you are learning and gaining experience which will benefit you in future jobs.

Look at the tasks you don’t enjoy, or the aspects of your job you aren’t too keen on as being stepping stones that you need to reach the next stage of your career. Use that sense of progression and what you want as a career to set goals for yourself, and use those as motivation.

It isn’t always easy to stay 100% focussed at work. You might have an off day where you just don’t feel excited or motivated by your job, that happens to everybody. Use simple tasks as distractions, or use long terms goals as a focus. Give yourself something to do or something to work for and it can work wonders for your levels of motivation, regardless of the job you’re doing.
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