11 Things I’ve learned about Commuting in London

Waiting for the green man is more a suggestion than a rule
You know that lesson you learned as a kid, you wait for the green man until you cross the road right? Wrong! No one in London waits for anything. If you see a gap you run, even sometimes if you don’t, you just dodge around the bike and hope for the best.

You’ll fit into spaces you never thought possible
The first time I tried to get onto the tube in rush hour I thought I knew when the carriage was full, but then people would jump around me as I waited for the next tube and fill that space I didn’t even realise was there. The golden rule seems to be if there’s enough room to get your feet on, you can just lean in and squish the rest of yourself in. Uncomfortable yes, but it’s something you get used to surprisingly fast. Even if a guy did once use my head as a chin rest. Yes that really did happen.

You’ll know what day it is by what newspaper or magazine is being handed to you outside the tube station
Everyone knows Time Out Tuesday is the best!

Free food outside the tube station will make your day
Thanks to these promotions I can have anything free cookies and coconut water for breakfast and think nothing of it.

Every transport group hates each other
Car drivers hate pedestrians, pedestrians hate cyclists, cyclists hate car drivers. It’s a triangle of hate.

You’ll dread hot days
Unless the feeling of a bead of sweat, slowly running down your leg while you pray no one notices

You’ll find it normal to see a man riding an electronic unicycle or a business man on a push along scooter.
Both things I saw on my lunch break just today. Standard.
Getting on the Northern line that goes on your side of the split is totally fist pump worthy
“Via charring cross? It’s my lucky day!”

Night buses aren’t actually as bad as you think they will be.
Although that might be just because you are drunk, and you still can’t wait for the night tube to hit your area.

Everything under an hour is a walkable distance now
You can’t believe that you used to jump in the car to go to the corner shop, save the pennies, see the views and walk those streets!

You will have a favorite tube line and judge people who take others
“He lives on the Bakerloo line? Poor guy”

So there you have it, just a couple of things I’ve learned in the few months since I’ve been living here. Do you have any commuting anecdotes? I’d love to hear them.


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