Moments: October 2016

Hello!  This month’s round up feels like a strange one because I spent most of this month in Florida, and have a ton of posts I want to write on that. So don’t want to go into too much detail here. Also, because I was there my September round up went up only a few weeks ago.  So here is a brief edition of my October round up.

I’ve Visited

Walt Disney World-

Just a quick round up as there will be some many posts on this coming your way soon!  Needless to say, I had a blast in all four parks, even if we were confined to the room during the hurricane for a while!  I even did a backstage tour which I can’t wait to tell you guys all about!  

Universal Studios
Universal has come such a long way, and the new additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are incredible!  My love for these parks grows all the time.  
A quick call in for a refresh of my hair and a catch up with my family.  
Warner Brothers Studio Tour
Seemingly the Wizarding World wasn’t enough for me this month, so I went here with Sarah just a few days after I got back from Florida. I’m sure there are not many people who can say that!  I actually did the tour years ago on my own, before I started blogging, and I loved seeing what has been added since then.  I even got to ride on a broomstick and the Hogwarts express.  

I’ve Read

Small Island by Andrea Levy
My mother and I have very different taste in books, so when she lent me this book I am sorry to say it took me around 8 years to getting around to actually reading it.  The book centers around the reaction British people gave to Jamaicans when they came to the UK after fighting in WWI.  It centered mainly around 4 main characters, switching between their different perspectives.  I really enjoyed this book, I thought the characters and character development was really good, and the story was domestic but still really interesting.
The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton
You might have noticed this beautiful book included in my Autumn Books post.  I read it almost straight away and I loved the story, which is slightly different from the film.  The illustrations are beautiful.
Here Come the Girls by Milly Johnson
As I spent so long avoiding the first book my Mum lent me and then actually ended up enjoying it, I thought I’d read this one she lent me straight away.  Not my usual kind of thing but I was assured the references to Barnsley and the humor would make it worthwhile.  Unfortunately, while I did enjoy the references to my home town, the poor writing was impossible to look past.

I’ve seen

Black is the Colour of my Voice
This amazing performance came in two parts, the first telling the story of Nina Simon’s life and the second acting as more of a musical review.  The actress playing Nina is fantastic, and sang just like her to boot. There is some serious talent here!

I’ve been up to

Driving in London
My gorgeous little car, Peggy Sue, has finally made her way to London. She has a residence permit and everything which makes her arrival here feel more official than mine does.  I’ve been making myself drive in London and I’m slowly getting used to it, I do love being able to drive again.

I’ve eaten

In so many places this month thanks to the Disney Dining Plan, but again, more on this to follow!

This whole post feels like one big tease so I hope you don’t mind that too much!  If there is anything you are desperate to know about Florida, do let me know and I’ll try and prioritise it.


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