Multiroom Wifi Speakers by August: Review

Who else loves dancing around the house blasting music when they are doing housework?  For me it’s the only way to get through it.  It’s something I get from my mum, belting out Elvis and Motown as she mops the floors or does the ironing so I know I’m not alone!  For me it’s more likely to be pop-punk and metal, but either way I find it frustrating when you are going from room-to-room and the sound doesn’t follow!

My mum has a bungalow, and I live in a one floor flat so you’d think you’d be able to hear the sound wherever you are but this isn’t the case, and it’s so annoying.  Having to plug and unplug speakers is frustrating and really impractical, and blasting the sound loud enough to hear everywhere distorts the sound (a real issue for my sound engineer boyfriend in particular!) and it’s a sure-fire way to annoy the neighbours.
Luckily August have come to my rescue for this issue by giving me two of their wireless, multiroom speakers to try out.  The first, the smaller WS150 retailing at £80 and the second, the larger WS300 retailing at £100.  
So let’s start with the basic; sound quality.  The first one offers a clear sound, with a decent base.  however when you turn it up to its maximum capacity the sound does suffer from some distortion.  Luckily the louder model did not suffer from this issue, with clarity and all volumes and a decent bass.  
Usability wise, both have large, clear buttons on the top which couldn’t be simpler to use, and a simple on-off button on the back.  The wireless function works well although the pairing of the speakers through the app took a few attempts to get them to work together.  The speakers charge through USB so they can then be transported wherever you need them without annoying cables or replacing batteries.  I love using them in the bathroom for this reason, playing some soothing music in the bath is best way to relax!  
There is only a £20 price difference between the smaller and the larger speakers, so I think if I were to choose one I would pick the larger WS300.  The sound difference alone is worth the extra money.  Plus, there is a special discount code you can get here for a HUGE 40% discount that actually makes it cheaper than the WS150, a total win/win!
What do you love to listen to at home?
*products sent for honest review, all words and opinions my own. Also contains affiliate links.

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