Staying fashionable at work

We’ve all had jobs that came with a uniform that might have been less than flattering.

You might have been working in a service industry, or retail and had to wear something really specific, or you might have worked in a part time role that had strict rules around what you could and couldn’t wear.

Uniforms are changing, with uniform suppliers such as Simon Jersey providing a range of options that are much more fashion conscious than you might previously have been used to.

But what if you’re stuck with something that just doesn’t suit you? What can you do to try and stay fashionable at work?

How flexible is your uniform?

The first thing you need to understand is how much wiggle room you have with your uniform.

Are you restricted by particular garments, or important pieces, like an apron or safety equipment? These tend to be the elements of your uniform that you can’t do anything about. But, there might be other elements where you can try and add the odd fashionable flourish.

Check with your employer first if you have any doubts, but keep in mind the key areas where you might be able to mix things up with your uniform.


Beyond any fixed elements of your uniform you might be able to play around with colour. For example, you might have to wear an apron that fits a brand or business. Say for example you have to wear a dark apron, and then dark coloured formal clothing. This might make you feel washed out and a bit shapeless.

Being able to change the colour of the rest of the uniform to something that provides a degree of contrast, such as through a different coloured top, can instantly transform a uniform. This can transform the silhouette it gives you and also help make the other elements of the uniform potentially nicer to look at.


If you can’t change the colour of your uniform maybe you can play around with the styling.

You might be able to change the cut and styling of some of your uniform to transform your workwear look into something much more fashionable.
A different style of trousers for example, or a more flattering style of blouse can change the look of a uniform, but can also help you to feel much more confident at work.

You need to be careful with regards to what you can and can’t get away with, your uniform guidelines might simply say your uniform includes shirt and trousers, but doesn’t say anything beyond that. Before you turn up for a shift with something a bit different on check with your employer.


You might be able to personalise your uniform a little bit through your choice of accessories. This might be where you have the most freedom, the option to add a splash of colour and a touch of your own personality to your uniform.

This could be anything, jewellery, footwear, a belt, even glasses. Anything that allows you to do something a bit different and be a bit more on trend than your uniform might normally allow.

As with the rest of your uniform your footwear or jewellery might be subject to health and safety issues, but these are still the best ways to make your uniform feel a bit more you.

There’s no hard and fast rules to making your uniform more fashionable, if you’ve got the room to change things and make the most of your uniform look then go for it, just keep in mind that if you’re ever unsure about what you can and can’t get away with that you should talk to your manager. You never know, there might be a compromise to be had, or you might even help to cause changes to your uniform to make it more fashionable.

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