Be #HyggeHappy with this Hygge Kit Giveaway

Hygge is taking the blogging world by storm right now, and with its ethos of cosiness, togetherness and simplicity it’s easy to see why.  Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word for the feeling or mood that comes from taking pleasure out of the ordinary.  A lot of people have narrowed it down simply to the idea of cosiness, and while that can be part of hygge, it isn’t that simple.  Hygge can be any small thing that you enjoy just for its own sake.  For me it can be binge-watching Netflix with my Boyfriend, taking time to stop and just listen to music, or climbing into a clean bed with clean PJs after a shower.  All these things are simple pleasures that make me happy.

A lot of the time in life it can be hard to give ourselves time to appreciate these moments, and it is important.  Why not make it a new years resolution to switch off the electronics once a day and just enjoy something really small.  A chat with your partner, a candlelit dinner without your phone, or reading a book under a blanket before bed.  I know it’s something I should do more of, maybe 2017 could be the year of hygge!  Where we appreciate the moments, and the people we are with.

To help myself, and you, live a more hygge lifestyle the sleep specialists and bed retailer Bed Guru have written a guide to living a hygge lifestyle.  They have also put together a kit full of things to help transform your bedroom and appreciate these little moments.  Here is what it includes:

A soft, snuggly blanket
There are few things better than cuddling with a blanket, especially on a cold day, watching the rain fall out of the window.

Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness book by Marie Tourell Soderberg
Marie is a danish actress who grew up with the concept of hygge.  In this beautiful book she shares her thoughts and tips on how to live a more hygge lifestyle.

Heart shaped fairy lights
It’s amazing how something as simple as fairy lights can transform a room and make it feel more magical and relaxing.

A Yanke Candle gift set
Candles are synonymous with hygge and I can see why, I love lighting a candle with dinner, or just when I’m watching a film or reading.  The warm light and beautiful scents are instantly relaxing

A box of Thornton’s chocolates.
The perfect way to complete the cosy affair.

To enter and win your own Hygge kit identical to this one, simply follow the instructions on the rafflecopter below:
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